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February 13, 2012
   WHITNEY HOUSTON R.I.P. (1963-2012) We at G987fm join the rest of the world in mourning the loss of pop superstar Whitney Houston who died suddenly over the weekend. It is being reported that she may have drown in her tub after falling into a drug induced sleep. Sources say Whitney was found partially underwater in the bathtub with her face below the water and her legs up. Houston was getting ready to attend her mentor Clive Davis' Grammy party and had her team including a stylist, hairdresser and two bodyguards with her in the room. Her team started to get worried because Whitney had been in the bathroom for over an hour and was not responding when they called out to her. Eventually her aunt walked into the bathroom, found Whitney and began trying to perform CPR on her. Her daughter Bobbi Kristina showed up to the hotel room after Whitney's death and was told by officers that no one was allowed to see the body. Officials say Bobbi then screamed, cursed and demanded to see her mother. It is being said that she had a "complete breakdown" and was rushed to the hospital not once, but twice this weekend after finding out her mother had passed away. Bobbi Kristina's father Bobby Brown cancelled his show to fly to L.A. to be with his daughter. Dionne Warwick and Ray-J were also denied access to the body when they arrived. Whitney's albums topped the charts as of yesterday in the wake of her death.   Oprah tweeted about the loss saying, To me Whitney was THE VOICE. We got to hear a part of God every time she sang. Heart is heavy, spirit grateful for the GIFT of her. Bobby Brown said in an official statement, “I am deeply saddened at the passing of my ex-wife, Whitney Houston. At this time, we ask for privacy, especially for my daughter, Bobbi-Kristina. I appreciate all of the condolences that have been directed towards my family and I at this most difficult time.” Celine Dion said, "When I started my career, I wanted to be like her. I loved her so much. My prayers go out to her daughter and to all of her family." Whitney's mother Cissy stated: We are devastated by the loss of our beloved Whitney. This is an unimaginable tragedy and we will miss her terribly. We appreciate the outpouring of love and support from her fans and friends. With record sales of  over 170m, Whitney Houston was part of an elite group of female superstars that included Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, both of whom were heavily influenced by her emotional, vibrato-laden style. She was the first black woman to break through the colour bar at MTV, which before that was playing white artists almost exclusively. The station's heavy rotation of her videos made her a familiar face to Middle America, and her mix of glamour, talent and approachability made her an inspirational figure for millions of teenage girls, both black and white. There will never be another Whitney, and we were blessed that she chose to share her talent with the world. Rest in Peace





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