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TONY PARKER of the San Antonio Spurs was hanging out at CHRIS BROWN’S table at the W.i.P. nightclub when that crazy brawl broke out between Brown’s people and DRAKE’S crew. And when the bottles started flying, he ended up with glass in one eye, which led to a lacerated cornea.  Parker has already had surgery, and he’s supposed to play ball for France in the Olympics this summer, but it’s not 100% certain he’ll be able to.  And so he’s SUING the club for $20 MILLION.  (???)
Tony blames the club and its inadequate security for allowing the fight to erupt.  He also claims the club KNEW there was bad blood between Drake and Chris, but seated them near each other and continued selling booze to members of both parties, even though many of them were visibly intoxicated. Tony is in the middle of a $50 million contract with the Spurs. There’s been no official word from the club, but so-called “sources” connected to it say there was more than enough security, and employees did everything they could to stop the fight once it started. They’re also calling B.S. on Tony’s claim that they should have known there would be trouble between the two parties.  As one source put it . . . quote, “Chris Brown and Drake are not Biggie and Tupac.” Police are still investigating the fight, and no charges have been filed yet.
If today is your birthday, you share it with the following celebs..
–La La Vazquez – 33  (Former MTV VJ and VH1 host..and basketball wife to Carmelo Anthony)
–Dikembe Mutombo – 46
–Erica Gimpel – 48  (Coco Hernandez from “Fame”.)
George Michael – 49
 RICKY GERVAIS – 51  (The star and creator of the brilliant British sitcom “The Office”. )
JIMMIE WALKER! – 65  (He used to be “Dynomite” J.J. Evans on “Good Times”.)  
–Carly Simon – 67  (Her 1972 smash “You’re So Vain” is about Warren Beatty.)
SOULJA BOY was involved in a car accident in L.A. on Saturday, but for now, it’s unclear whose fault it was. The driver of the other car . . . a pregnant woman . . . says she and her husband were waiting at a red light in the turning lane, when Soulja’s red Bentley swerved across a double yellow line and hit their car.  They say Soulja Boy was driving. But Soulja Boy’s people claim his BODYGUARD was behind the wheel.  They also say the woman’s car “ran a red light and hit him.”
Video from the scene of the accident seems to back up the woman’s story . . . because Soulja Boy’s red Bentley IS stopped across the double yellow line.
The crash is still under investigation.
ALEX TREBEK had a heart attack on Saturday, but his people say he’s going to be okay.  In fact, he’s expected to recover in time to start filming the 29th season of “Jeopardy!” next month. Trebek is 71 years old, and this is his SECOND heart attack.  He also had one in December of 2007.  That one only kept him off the air for a few weeks. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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