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The mastermind behind the now-famous “Kony 2012” video was detained by police in San Diego Friday for allegedly being drunk in public and masturbating.
Jason Russell was taken into custody by San Diego cops.  In addition to allegedly masturbating, cops say he vandalized cars. Cops said they received several calls around 11:30 reporting a man in “various stages of undress.” Russell was dancing around the Intersection of Ingraham and Riviera wearing “speedo-like underwear” … and eventually removed the underwear and began to make sexual gestures. He appeared to be under the influence of some kind of substance and is being held on a psychiatric hold so authorities can decide if he poses a danger to himself or others. Russell is the co-founder of Invisible Children as well as the filmmaker of the ultra-viral video which has set records on the Internet — with more than 80 million views.
The CEO of Invisible Children, Ben Keesey, has said quote “Jason Russell was unfortunately hospitalized yesterday suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition.”  “He is now receiving medical care and is focused on getting better. The past two weeks have taken a severe emotional toll on all of us, Jason especially, and that toll manifested itself in an unfortunate incident [Friday].”


The dancehall world showed up in solidarity to show support for Bounty Killer as his mother, Miss Ivy, was laid to rest on Saturday March 17th. Miss Ivy raised eight children, including her last son, Bounty Killer, who has mentioned her in many of his songs over the years. A devout Christian, Miss Ivy never liked some of the excessive cursing that her son did in some songs, but was always very proud of his musical success.
She stuck by her son, and even as recent as 2010 when he had a number of court cases and was seemingly on a troubling path, she took him to her church – the Agape Christian Fellowship Church in Gregory Park, St. Catherine – for blessings (picture below).
The funeral took place at the Swallow Field Baptist Church around noon with mourners including musicians, deejays and other music industry professionals in attendance.
During this week, Bounty Killer sent out a BBM broadcast stating:
“Miss Ivy was a respected christian woman so no loud music, smoking or drinking. Let’s pay our respect on our best behavior.” Miss Ivy was 71

Congratulations to Soca star Kees Dieffenthaller, aka KES who wed his longtime girlfriend Teri Leigh Bovell in an ultra private wedding on Friday March 16th. Kes and Teri have been a couple for 11 years and opted to keep the nuptials away from the public eye. According to sources, the exclusively private ceremony took place in Tobago and ended with an “epic pool party.”
OPRAH WINFREY’S OWN network has cancelled ROSIE O’DONNELL’S talk show after just five months because of low ratings. “The Rosie Show” premiered to 497,000 viewers back in October . . . but it was never able to match that audience again.  The show is averaging right around 200,000 viewers.  The final episode will tape tomorrow, and will air NEXT Friday.
For the record, there doesn’t seem to be any hard feelings.  Oprah released a statement saying, quote, “I thank Rosie from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey.  She has been an incredible partner . . . And Rosie says, quote, “I loved working with Oprah . . . I was welcomed with open arms and will never forget the kindness of all I encountered.  It was a great year for me.  I wish the show was able to attract more viewers, but it did not . . . on we go!”
Josie DeCarlo, the Inspiration Behind “Josie and the Pussycats”, Has Died. The inspiration behind the 1970s cartoon “Jose and the Pussycats”, JOSIE DECARLO, died in her sleep last week.  No word on a cause of death.  She was 82.  Her husband, cartoonist DAN DECARLO, created the show.  He died in 2001. Josie has said that Dan’s idea to do “Josie and the Pussycats” was inspired by a vacation.  She told the “New York Times”, quote, “We went on a Caribbean cruise, and I had a costume for the cruise, that’s the way it started. The show was about an all-girl pop band that toured the world with their entourage, getting mixed up in “Scooby Doo”-like adventures and mysteries.

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