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GAME’S next album is called “Jesus Piece” . . .. . . and it features an image of Jesus on the cover, looking like a GANG MEMBER.
Jesus is shown in a stained glass window, with a teardrop tattoo under his eye, a red bandanna around his mouth, and a chain around his neck . . . with his own image on it.
Game said, quote, “Last year in August I got baptized and so I’ve been going to church, but I still been kinda doing ‘me’ out here. I still love the strip club and I still smoke and drink . . . I wanted to make an album where you could love God and be of God, but still get it poppin’ in your life.”
Faizon Love told TMZ that Katt Williams PULLED A GUN ON HIM last week during a heated argument outside a Hollywood nightclub shortly before Katt was cuffed by cops and taken to the station.
Love says he was parking his car, when he saw Katt … and they got into it over a $50,000 debt Katt allegedly owes him. Love says, “Once the argument escalated, Katt went to his car to go get his gun to pull it out on me. “Fortunately, one of my homeboys who was there took the gun out of Katt’s hands….., Come to find out the gun he pulled out on me was not even loaded. My homeboy gave it back to him … then we went in the club.”
When Katt was asked about the incident he seemed more interested in the fact that Faizon spoke about it than he was in denying his involvement..
here’s the ridiculous yet funny clip of Katt being asked about the incident..

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  1. Jacqueline

    What would Jesus say? “Get thee behind me Satan!!”


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