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Eminem fans in Australia are even angrier than his lyrics after claims that poor sound quality ruined their experience. He hit the Sydney Football Stadium for his first show in 10 years on Dec 2nd and 4th but fans are asking for their money back after complaints that  they were unable to hear the music… Oh the house I would buy if I could get my money back from bad sound… (WUTANG I’M LOOKING AT YOU!!)
Actor Terrence Howard known for his roles in Hustle and Flow, Get Rich or Die Trying, and most recently Law & Order just received a different kind of order, the restraining kind. His  estranged wife, Michelle Ghent, secured a temporary restraining order against the star this morning, claiming he consistently abused her throughout their short marriage and threatened to kill her. In turn, Howard counter filed paperwork denying her allegations and accusing Ghent of threatening to go public with “private materials” (including a video of Howard singing naked in the shower) unless he paid her money. Michelle claims the violence continued throughout their marriage  with Terrence allegedly committing several violent acts, such as
– smacking her in the face and chipping her tooth with his wedding ring
– throwing her down to the ground in a parking lot
– telling her, “I’ll hit a woman quicker than I’d hit a man”
– Saying, “If you tell anyone about my personal business, I will kill you and no one will ever know
Fred Hampton’s son is angry with JayZ over lyrics that reference his fathers death. On Watch The Throne, Jay-Z raps, “”I arrived on the day Fred Hampton died/Uh, real n****s just multiply,” referencing the fact that he was born on the same day that Black Panther Fred Hampton was murdered during a police raid. His son, Fred Hampton, Jr. recently spoke about the reference. 
“Fred Hampton didn’t die; he was assassinated,” “Saying Fred Hampton died is like the school teacher telling students that Christopher Columbus discovered America.” He also went on to call Hov “Slave-Z” (ummm WOW) during a panel discussion at the University of Chicago.  
Ludacris has continued his community work and his commitment to empowering young women with a new website  launched in partnership with his favourite girl and number one fan, his daughter Karma., a hip new educational website for children inspired by and dedicated to his 10 year old baby girl Karma Bridges. teaches children from grades 1 to 3 and 4 to 6 academic lessons about math, science and geography, as well as ethical and social responsibilities like manners, honesty and kindness, through original songs, games and stories. The site also includes lesson plans for teachers and parents which will be refreshed regularly.
Ludacris stated, “We wanted the site to be educational, fun and full of music that all kids will enjoy, but we also wanted it to teach kids more than just academics. The site touches on subjects like, the rewards of hard work and importance of learning manners as well as the idea that doing good deeds for others will bring good into your life — which is the meaning of the word Karma.
The music and lyrics, games and stories on the site are all original and were created by me, my daughter and my creative team.”
Soul legend Smokey Robinson has teamed up with late boxing icon Joe Frazier’s tailor James Andrew who has dressed soul singers for years to launch a new clothing line. The two are working closely on a line of suits, shirts and golf wear that will hit stores in spring. Andrew had been planning on releasing a line with Frazier before he fell ill and passed away last month say he’s always been a fan of Smokey’s music and always thought he was extremely stylish.  The signature item in the line in an ice white suit. I know somewhere in the city of Toronto Comedian and OG Kenny Robinson just smiled. Play on Playa!
On Wednesday the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its 2012 inductees with Guns N’ Roses, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beastie Boys leading the inductee list.
Nominees who didn’t make it to the Hall of Fame this time around: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, the Cure, Heart, Eric B. and Rakim, Rufus with Chaka Khan, Donna Summer, Freddie King, the Spinners and War. I’m sure many of the artist passed over this year are annoyed but none are as angry it seems as the rock group WAR. The guys from War are FUMING and told TMZ the fact the Beastie Boys got in before them is some serious salt in the wound. 
Howard Scott — vocalist and a founding member of War says he’s “shocked” the rappers were inducted before his band, saying, “We were cranking out gold records when they were still in diapers.” Scott adds, “How could the Beastie Boys get in before us when they sampled War’s music on their first album?! I’ll eat their platinum records!”
The singer had been pretty hopeful his group would finally be inducted into the HOF this year … and says the disappointing news “felt like I was kicked in the back of my britches.”
For the record — War was founded back in 1969 … and DOMINATED music with hits like Cisco Kid, Why Can’t We Be Friends, Slippin’ Into Darkness … and of course, LOW RIDER!!!

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