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If today is your birthday you share it with
Kim Davis (19 again 😉
Gucci Mane – 32
Shakira – 35
Christie Brinkley – 58

DON CORNELIUS . . . the innovator who created and hosted “Soul Train” died yesterday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.  He was 75. Police were called to Don’s L.A. home at about 4:00 A.M.  It was reportedly one of Don’s sons who made the call. Cornelius did not leave a suicide note, but sources say he was battling several health issues and the pain had become pretty intense. Cornelius attended broadcasting school in 1966.  Three years later he pitched “Soul Train” as an African-American version of DICK CLARK’S  “American Bandstand”.  He even spent his own money to film the pilot. Before that, he’d been an insurance salesman. “Soul Train” debuted in Chicago in 1970, and began syndicating
the following year. 
Cornelius is survived by two children from his first marriage.  His second marriage, to former Miss Ukraine Viktoria Chapman, ended in a contentious divorce in 2009. Prior to their split, there was an incident that ended with Cornelius pleading no contest to spousal battery and being ordered to take a domestic violence course.  Don claimed Viktoria had pepper-sprayed him on multiple occasions. In legal documents filed during the divorce, Don said, quote, “I am 72 years old.  I have significant health issues.  I want to finalize this divorce before I die.”  Part of the divorce agreement was that he make Viktoria the beneficiary of his two life insurance policies. The entertainment community is mourning the loss of Don Cornelius with many celebrities making their thoughts known.
ARETHA FRANKLIN:  “God bless him for the solid good and wholesome foundation he provided for young adults worldwide and the unity and brotherhood he single-handedly brought about with his most memorable creation of ‘Soul Train’. “[He was] an American treasure.”
JACKIE, TITO and MARLON JACKSON:  “A transformative figure in music and television.  Behind his baritone and graciousness lurked a revolutionary who completely changed
the way black performers were included on broadcast TV.
QUINCY JONES:  “I am shocked and deeply saddened at the sudden passing of my friend, colleague, and business partner Don Cornelius.  Don was a visionary pioneer and a giant in
our business. “Before MTV there was ‘Soul Train’.  That will be the great legacy of Don Cornelius.”
PATTI LABELLE:  “[He was] simply a genius, and the contributions he made to music and our culture are second to none.”
 STEVIE WONDER:  “The first time I ever did ‘Superstition’ was on his show, so it’s a sad moment . . . Everyone of various ethnicities watched ‘Soul Train’ so it was a great thing.”
MARLON WAYANS:  “A legend, a pioneer, a genius.  In your immortal words ‘love peace and soul’ make God boogie.”

According to theYBF, Pilar Sanders told a judge that Deion Sanders left her broke and with no way to provide for their kids. But did in fact provide her with a few options to make money by having sex with him. Pilar claims, “Since [Deion] filed for divorce on December 21, 2011, he has given her $300.00 and offered her money in exchange for sexual favors.” She supposedly turned down the money and has asked the judge to make Deion fork up some cash immediately saying “The children and I have lived in survival mode for several months, and the emotional toll on all of us is palpable.”

It has been reported on several news outlets that Dancehall superstar Mavado recently got married to his longtime companion, Monique McKenzie. However according to a key member
of Mavado’s TEAM it’s just a rumor. According to one of the reports: A supposed copy of their marriage license application can be found on the internet. Though the venue for said
venue remains unknown and pictures being leaked from the marriage are unfounded. Ladies don’t believe this rumor of Mavado being married…although he might just be engaged..
(which defeats my whole husband-in-my-head thing…lol)

Everyone’s favorite storyteller LeVar Burton has finally claimed the @ReadingRainbow Twitter account Tuesday night in a heartwarming tale of internet efficiency. The story starts out innocently enough: @LeVarBurton politely asked for a direct message from the dormant account holder Tuesday morning. But when that failed, Burton turned to the masses.  “Dear
@twitter I’m trying to contact the individual who’s sitting on @ReadingRainbow but he hasn’t Tweeted in #3YEARS Can you help? Thanks!”  The response was wild. Less than two nostalgia-filled hours and hundreds of retweets later, the Twitter account was finally relinquished from random fan @Loclif’s hands to its rightful owner, Burton. “Thank you everyone for your help!!! #@ReadingRainbow” Burton wrote, officially giving this story a happy ending and reminding a legion of 20 somethings that in fact they can DO ANYTHING! 🙂

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