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You loved him as Urkel on “Family Matters” . . . and now, the ladies love him even more on “Dancing With the Stars”. But does JALEEL WHITE have a dark side?
A woman named Bridget Hardy has a 2-year-old daughter named Samaya with Jaleel and she claims that Jaleel is an ABUSIVE CHEATER. Bridget says that in May of 2010,
she found evidence on Jaleel’s phone that he was cheating. And instead of apologizing, he BLEW UP. She says, quote, “He hit me across the chest area . . . He pushed me into the toilet, and it broke.” She also says “Verbally and emotionally, he’s abusive. He told me I’m not working; I have no money; I’m…. trash. None of it was true.” Bridget says Jaleel cheated numerous times. Once he hooked up in their home . . . and once he had an affair within a week after their daughter was born. As the relationship was nearing its end, Bridget says Jaleel texted her and offered her $200,000 to leave the baby with him and get out of his life. She says, quote, “He basically tried to pay me off. I went home screaming and said, ‘We’re done.'” Even though she dropped the dime on him BIG TIME, Bridget has good things to say about Jaleel, too . . . quote, “He loves [Samaya] to death and is a good financial provider . . . We still love each other, but we had a toxic chemistry.”
Singer /actor Tyrese just can’t win. Tyrese has gone on the interview circuit talking about how cool he and Transformers director Michael Bay are. The only issue with that is Michael Bay doesn’t want to be associated with Tyrese. Bay and his attorneys sent a cease and desist letter to Tyrese. To add insult to injury, Tyrese was hit with a restraining order by the Hollywood director. Sources close to the situation say Bay filed the restraining order when he heard Tyrese was going around telling industry insiders he and Bay were close friends. Michael Bay’s cousin Susan commented on the matter, stating, “Michael Bay has a cease and desist on Tyrese, and a restraining order. Michael didn’t like when Tyrese was calling out his name on television, like they were boys…..Mike didn’t like that sh*#.”
AMC has announced its theaters will allow moviegoers of all ages to see the film. EW reports that anyone under the age of 17 can attend with either a guardian or a signed permission slip. The permission slips will be available online. The theater chain’s decision should please the Weinstein Company, who announced on Monday that “Bully” would go to theaters unrated after a bitter fight with the Motion Picture Association of America. Despite a Washington D.C. hearing on the matter, the MPAA refused to change the film’s rating, claiming a profanity-laden scene in “Bully” objectively qualified the film for an R rating.
Films that are unrated by the MPAA typically feature content that would have deserved an NC-17 rating. As such, most cinema chains treat unrated films as if they were rated NC-17, which makes AMC’s decision all the more surprising. Common Sense Media rated the film “Pause 13+.” The Weinstein Company will use this rating on their promotional materials. “Pause 13+” is the same rating Common Sense Media assigned to “The Hunger Games.”
A bevy of celebrities took to Twitter to protest the MPAA’s decision on Wednesday as part of an awareness campaign organized by the Weinstein Company. Anderson Cooper, Kim Kardashian, Hugh Jackman and more tweeted in support of the film.

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