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April 18, 2012
  CISSY HOUSTON IS NOT A RIRI FAN! RIHANNA has said that if there's a movie made about WHITNEY HOUSTON'S life, she'd love to play the part. Well . . . Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston, heard that, and allegedly freaked out. An anonymous source says Cissy said that Rihanna would play Whitney, quote, "Over my dead body!" She thinks Rihanna represents everything that went wrong in Whitney's life . . . the drugs, drinking, and abusive relationship. Of course, since this movie doesn't even exist, this is all just hypothetical at this point... but, ummmm ...WoW!                   JANET DROPS THE WEIGHT AND MAKES SOME BIG PLANS Janet Jackson who recently dropped a ton of weight may have an ulterior motive. Word on the street is that she did it because she wants to look her best at her upcoming wedding to billionaire boyfriend Wissam Al Mana. The 45-year-old pop star has dropped 30 pounds on the Nutrisystem diet over a five-month period, and not only is she rumoured to be getting married... She and Wissam, 36, are said to be making arrangements to raise her brother MICHAEL's children -- PRINCE, 15, PARIS, 14, and BLANKET, 10 -- once her elderly mother KATHERINE can no longer care for them. "Janet and Wissam have been planning to marry for some time, but she wanted to fit into the perfect wedding dress," said a family insider. "And once she and Wissam are married and settled, she wants to take custody of Michael's children."         I just LOVE these two together!!! lol I don't know why I just DO. šŸ™‚                 PIPPA MIDDLETON ENGAGES IN GUNPLAY Pippa Middleton is under fire after an incident in Paris this weekend in which she was photographed being driven in a car by a friend brandishing a pistol. Middleton, 28, the sister of Prince William's wife Kate, was spotted smiling in the passenger seat as the driver of an Audi convertible waves a gun around, at one point appearing to aim it at the paparazzo taking the photos. The photos have caused an uproar - with the newspaper ripping Pippa for "smirking witlessly" while her friend "moronically aims a pistol in a Paris street ... the height of stupidity." It's unknown whether the photographer will make a complaint, but according to reports, if the gun is found to be real, those involved in the incident could face up to seven years in prison. If it is a fake, they could still be in line for a sentence of two years                   I WANT TO BREAK UP WITH SIMON COWELL !!!! šŸ˜‰ Simon Cowell could just be the best ex-boyfriend a girl could have, he just broke up with his girlfriend and made sure she left the relationship with a parting gift in the form of the $8 MILLION MANSION they shared. Sources close to Cowell say he feels Mezhgan "deserves" the home for putting up with all of the publicity and scrutiny that comes with dating the "X Factor" honcho. Simon has told friends that his engagement to Mezhgan Hussainy was a "big mistake" but has admitted, "I'm a hopeless boyfriend." The two got engaged back in 2010 after meeting on the set of "American Idol" and are reportedly still on good terms. (Guess so!) Cowell has a history of showering his exes in riches following a breakup ... his former flame Terri Seymour reportedly walked away with a $5 million mansion and millions in cash when they split back in 2008.  





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