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There’s talk all over the World Wide Web that RIHANNA is the frontrunner to star in a movie about WHITNEY HOUSTON.  Whitney’s music mentor CLIVE DAVIS is reportedly putting the film together. Other possibilities include Jennifer Hudson, Vivica Fox, Megan Good and Jordin Sparks who co-starred with Whitney in the upcoming movie “Sparkle”.
Megan Good claims she actually had a meeting scheduled with Whitney for the week after she died to discuss the film. WILLOW SMITH is reportedly being considered to play a young Whitney. Speaking of Whitney . . . TMZ says her mom CISSY HOUSTON is going back to the hotel room where she died in order to get some “closure”. Supposedly, she wants to pray there and, quote, “re-establish a spiritual connection with her daughter.”

50 Cent is trying to show he’s more than just what people are used to seeing of him. Recently, the rapper traveled to a refugee camp in Somalia in support of the United Nations World Food Program. Before he could go, though, he had to convince the UN that he is more than just his image. He did and he’s committed to developing his character. He explained in an interview with ABC News: “I want to be more, not just as an artist but as a person. My legacy…what’s left behind. I don’t want to be a guy who’s just remembered for writing a few cool songs.” On whether or not his professional and private images conflict: “It doesn’t match. It doesn’t match at all, but this is the next chapter of my life. I don’t care if my audience is prepared to move forward with me. They may not necessarily be growing at the same pace.”

RYAN SEACREST isn’t the only person denying advance knowledge of SACHA BARON COHEN’S ash-dumping red carpet stunt, where he walked the Carpet in character as a dictator and dumped what he claimed were the ashes of Kim Jong Il.
Academy President Tom Sherak and producer Brian Grazer were taken by surprise, too.  And they paid a visit to Sacha’s dressing room to make sure he didn’t have any shenanigans planned for the actual ceremony. Sherak says, quote, “My only concern, and Brian’s only concern, was what would happen inside the theater. “So Brian and I went down to talk to him . . . and when we got there, he was Sacha Baron Cohen.  He wasn’t in character.  And he looked us in the eye and said, ‘I’ve done this, and now I’m going to the Oscars.’ “We said ‘thank you,’ we left, and that’s the way it was.  We just had to hear it from him.” Sacha wasn’t shown on camera during the broadcast,
but he did appear in one of the montages, talking about his early movie memories.)

JAMES SPADER LEAVES THE OFFICE (i LOVE when he makes that face on the show lol! 🙂
JAMES SPADER joined “The Office” this season to take the place of STEVE CARELL, but now someone’s going to have to replace James, because he won’t be back next season. This is Spader’s call and it had been the plan all along although it sounds like the show would’ve liked him to continue, if he was interested. Producer Paul Lieberstein, who also plays Toby says, quote, “James always wanted this to be a one-year arc, and he now leaves us having created one of the most enigmatic and dynamic characters in television.”
James plays Dunder Mifflin CEO Robert California. This might not be the only change on “The Office” next season.  MINDY KALING, who plays Kelly Kapoor, is developing a sitcom for Fox.  If it gets picked up, she might not return either. There’s also the potential “Office” spin-off starring RAINN WILSON’S character, Dwight Schrute.  If it comes together, he wouldn’t have to leave “The Office” entirely, but he probably wouldn’t be a main character anymore. ( I love The Office but it might just be time to wrap that bad boy UP especially if anymore major character’s leave..)
That’s the juice!

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