THE JUICE WITH JEM (Tues, June 12)

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Rumour has it that rapper NAS and hip hop legend LAURYN HILL are dating.
According to anonymous sources, recently separated hip hop stars Nas and Lauryn Hill have been spotted around town holding hands and doing date like outings. Rumour is Nas always had a crush on Lauryn, but she was never SINGLE at the same time that HE WAS. Now that both are single they’ve decided to give it a try. While I could have seen this working for Lauryn and My-future-ex-husband Nas in the 90’s, I can’t see it working now.. Ah wells….
The megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar was arrested on Friday afternoon, following a report by his youngest daughter who claimed that she had been choked and beaten by her father when the two disagreed about her attending a party. A weekend after his arrest, Creflo Dollar Jr. has insisted that he is innocent and should not have been arrested, stating that the mark on his daughter’s neck was nothing more the eczema.
“The truth is that a conversation with our daughter got emotional and things escalated from there,” Dollar said to an online congregation on Sunday while denying that he was guilty of beating his daughter. “The truth is she was not choked, she was not punched.” This even though his other daughter corroborated her sister’s story of being attacked by her father. And sorry I’ve seen eczema.. I’d be surprised if there was eczema that would fool an officer into thinking someone had been choked. But what do I know?
Jamaica’s most notorious gang leader has been sentenced to spend 23 years in a federal US prison. Christopher “Dudus” Coke, 43, was sentenced by a federal judge in New York after he pleaded guilty last August to charges that included trafficking more than 3 tonnes of marijuana and 30lb of cocaine to the US. The drug lord was also ordered to pay $1.5m in forfeiture of profits from his global trafficking operation that was centered in Kingston, Miami and New York.
Coke’s sentencing brings to a formal end his violent reign that lasted almost 20 years with what many allege was the complicity of Jamaican political interests. Before he gave himself up in June 2010 he had been on the US department of justice’s list of the world’s most dangerous drug traffickers.
In a hand-written letter submitted to the Manhattan court asking for leniency in his sentencing , Coke wrote: “I did a lot of charitable deeds and social services to help members of my community. I also host a lot of charity events such as an Easter treat for the elderly persons in my community.”
But he was also brutal. Last month evidence was presented to the court in which one of Coke’s former henchmen described how the gang leader would go into the jail run by the Shower Posse and dispatch rivals by cutting them up with a chain saw.
He is widely believed to have remained immune from the law for so long because of protection from leading Jamaican politicians. When the US asked for his extradition, the Jamaican government initially refused, only relenting in May 2010. That in turn triggered a state of emergency in Kingston after the Jamaican army was sent in to Tivoli Gardens. Controversy continues to swirl two years later over the battle in which 73 civilians died .

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