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Dolce & Gabbanna’s recent ‘Blackamoor imagery’ campaign has people up in arms due to what people see as racist images parading down the runway….
While complaints about the campaign have reached the company, rather than pulling the ads they have issued a statement saying that the designs are based on “Moorish” figures– “a term used to define many peoples throughout history…In Sicily’s case it defines the conquerors of Sicily.” The images of dark skinned slave women and stereotypical “Mammy” Sambo characters emblazoned all over the clothing is a step backwards to a time where this kind of imagery of blacks was commonplace… although when or why it would EVER be considered fashionable is beyond me..
While many have publicly expressed disgust around the campaign, the artists appear to be unapologetic and quite proud of their work, saying their intentions were never to offend. In fact, they maneuvered as far as they could away from any racist connotations.
**They might need to maneuver a lot further as the connotation is still there and blatant and continuing to offend..
Bestie’s Tyler Perry and Oprah have joined forced for a multi-year partnership that will bring 2 new scripted television series to OWN.
These will be OWN’s first scripted series and they will be written, directed and produced by Mr. Perry.
Oprah has said quote
“I have been looking forward to the day when we would be in the position to enter the world of scripted television. That day has come. We are all energized by the opportunity to collaborate with Tyler who has a proven track record for producing highly successful cable series. He has an incredible ability to illuminate life stories and characters in his unique voice and inspires and encourages people all over the world.”
If today is your Birthday, you share it with the following celebs..
–TIFFANY – 41 (I think we’re alone now..)
Kelly Ripa – 42 (“Live with Kelly & Michael”.)

Freddie Jackson – 56 (“You Are My Lady”.)

Philip Oakey – 57 (Singer for the Human League. Biggest Hit: 1981’s “Don’t You Want Me?”.)
STING – 61 (Real Name: Gordon Sumner.) (–He got his nickname because of a yellow and black jersey he always used to wear.)

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