THE JUICE WITH JEM! (Wed, April 11)

Apr 11, 2012 | G-BLOG | 2 comments

We have all been wondering where the heck George Zimmerman’s been since his fatal shooting of unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin and now the neighborhood watchman  has broken his silence with a new website that tells his side of the story.
On the site, Zimmerman expresses how he’s lost his own life (by way of losing his friends, family, job etc)
The site’s traffic is causing it to be temporarily unavailable, so in case you haven’t had a chance to see the site, it’s basic and includes a manifesto from Zimmerman, an American flag background, a tab named “My Race” that has this quote from Thomas Paine-“The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion,” images from his supporters and a Paypal link. What is the paypal for? More than likely Zimmerman’s legal counsel because as of today, his lawyers have quit.
They claim they haven’t been able to contact their former client, but it seems that Zimmerman’s been busy creating personal websites from himself. Trayvon Martin’s family’s attorney criticized the site on Good Morning America, saying, “George Zimmerman is trying to have us believe that his life is so terrible now. You know he says that he experienced a life-altering event. Well, Trayvon Martin experienced a life-ending event.”
If today is your birthday, you share it with the following celebs..
Singer Lisa Stansfield is 46.
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People are seriously upset that Octomom NADYA SULEMAN is on welfare. On Saturday, she awoke to find her car window smashed, and a handwritten note that said, quote, “Leave California or you will die.”

Wrestling legend Scott Hall (aka Razor Ramon) was arrested Friday after allegedly choking out his girlfriend in a drunken fit of rage. According to the report, cops were called to Scott’s home over a domestic disturbance in progress around 5pm. When they arrived, Scott’s GF Lisa Howell informed police he had attacked her. According to Lisa, Scott had been drinking for days and the two had gotten into some kind of argument. Lisa says she got into her car, and in a blind rage, Scott grabbed her by the throat and tried to pull her out of the driver’s seat. According to the report, police confronted Scott — who appeared heavily intoxicated with an “unknown white secretion flowing from both sides of his mouth” — but he denied ever getting violent. Police observed several signs of physical injury on Lisa — including red marks around her neck — so they placed Scott under arrest for domestic battery. Scott — billed at 6’7″ and 287 pounds — required TWO sets of handcuffs. Scott was so drunk … the jail refused to book him … so the arresting officer had to drag him to a nearby hospital to get medical clearance.
Here’s Hall’s booking photo.



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  1. gav

    Thank you guys for covering the trayvon martin death.

  2. 64BONES

    I’ve read some comments at yahoo Canada’s site about Zimmerman and I could not believe the stupidity. A lot of those people don’t think that this is a racially motivated killing. Anyhow, thank you for talking about this case.


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