THE JUICE WITH JEM! (Wed, April 18)

Apr 18, 2012 | G-BLOG | 1 comment

Don’t expect RIHANNA to complain about the new BIKINI NIP-SLIP photos that hit the web this week.  Because SHE’S THE ONE WHO POSTED THEM.
They’re among a ton of sexy pics Rihanna posted from her Hawaiian vacation.




Reggae artist Demarco has ended the speculation by announcing flat out that he IS talking about Popcaan in his new diss track “Kingston City” The artist told the Jamaica STAR “People a sey a Popcaan mi a dis, well a Popcaan mi dis, whol’ heap a dem tief mi style including him.”
The feud is said to originate from the usage of the ad-lib “Yaaooow”  which can be heard in numerous songs from both artists. Demarco is asserting that he is the originator of the term. Some fans say a new war will bring excitement to the dancehall again, while some say it’s a blatant case of ‘badmindedness’ on Demarco’s part due to Popcaan’s sudden success.  Popcaan hasn’t stayed quiet about it either as he recently shot back with a song on the TNS riddim called ‘Fry Yiy’ where he slaps several artists including Demarco who he feels are jealous of his success, with lines like  “The whol’ place a sey Fry Yiy, some bwoy fi write some hit song and stop cry.”
** song contains cursing and is NSFW*
However Demarco says he is the more popular deejay quote “Him a sey artiste fi write some hit song and stop cry, but him nuh mek no song big like “I Love My Life,” I got 25 million views on YouTube and I have been all over the world.” A new Demarco track on the #TNS riddim hit the internet  entitled ‘Popcaan Diss’
**Also contains cursing NSFW*
Mystikal, has been ordered back to jail for a 90 day stint  after being arrested in February for domestic violence. The extra time will be added to the 41-year-olds five-year probation. Mystikal is currently working on his album Original under Young Money & Cash Money Billionaires. Didn’t this dude JUST come out??? smh..

Tupac was resurrected from the grave to perform along-side Snoop Dogg at this year’s Coachella music festival, and it was such a success that there’s talk about taking “him” out on TOUR. The “Wall Street Journal” reports that SNOOP DOGG and DR. DRE are thinking about a virtual tour, which could either hit clubs . . . or stadiums, if they were able to bring in other rappers, like Eminem, 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa. Snoop and Dre commissioned a company to create the Tupac “hologram.”  which cost between $100,000 and $400,000 to produce. It’s actually NOT a full-on hologram, because it’s still a 2-D image.  The company says Dre has a, quote, “massive vision for this.” After taking a look at the footage, I have to admit it looks cool, but I was left feeling a little sad. It’s so close to Tupac that for me it left me wanting to see the real thing and thinking how sad it was that we’ll never see Tupac actually rock a stage, and sad he isn’t alive to see how much people still really love him. 
here’s the link to the performance, be aware the material contains cursing and is NSFW

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