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According to In the surreal moments after Whitney Houston tragically died at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the pop icon’s mentor, Clive Davis, met with her family, including daughter Bobbi Kristina, to provide words of comfort, and the family was stunned that Davis decided to proceed with the pre-Grammy party at the same hotel that The Bodyguard star had just died in. Bobbi Kristina was absolutely inconsolable, she was rocking back and forth on the couch, crying hysterically,” a family insider told RadarOnline. “Clive was already dressed in his tux and most of Whitney’s family was already dressed for the party. There wasn’t any mention of the party proceeding or being canceled by Clive. He told Whitney’s family that they could stay in his suite as long as they needed to, and then after about 45 minutes with them, he left. He said he had to go downstairs and take care of the guests, but the family had no idea that the party was going to proceed. Whitney’s aunt, Mary Jones, was absolutely stunned that the party was going ahead, and she was very upset that it hadn’t been canceled.”
Davis told his guests that Whitney would have wanted the party to go on.
However, those words don’t resonate with Houston’s family. “Even IF Whitney had given her blessing for the party to continue, even that doesn’t make it ok. Her body was lying in a room upstairs, dead, for heaven’s sake. It was simply in bad taste, period,” the source says. “The family just feels like it was very insensitive for the party to continue. Yes, guests were on the way to the hotel at the time when they learned the news, but they could have had a prayer in the ballroom, and then Clive could have, and should have, sent everyone home. The food could have been donated to a local homeless shelter.”
Clive Davis Reps have  “This story is categorically false. This supposed in-person meeting never took place and Mr. Davis never left the main floor of the hotel.

BOBBY BROWN flew into Los Angeles Sunday night to take care of his 18-year-old daughter BOBBI KRISTINA.  But sources say he STILL hasn’t seen her . . . because WHITNEY HOUSTON’S family is keeping him away. Bobbi Kristina is reportedly being cared for by family members at a house in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, back in Newark, New Jersey, the word is that Whitney’s family does NOT want Bobby at Whitney’s funeral on Saturday . . . and sources say he’s pretty distraught over it. Some of Whitney’s family and fans alike are blaming Bobby for Whitney’s downfall into drugs and alcohol and her eventual death. A close friend to the late singer, who’s known Whitney since before she met Bobby says Brown did not start Whitney Houston on a road that led to her death. “Whitney’s death is not Bobby’s fault,” insisted the Houston source. “It was Whitney herself,” “I think even she has admitted that. And Bobby never forced her to do anything. These were her choices.” Many friends claim Whitney had serious secrets and demons from her past that caused her to try to escape with drugs and alcohol but all of them refuse to tell her secret, saying it was not their place to tell.

OLIVER STONE’S 27-year-old son SEAN converted to Islam yesterday in Iran, where he’s filming a documentary, but he’s not turning his back on Western religion altogether.
He says, quote, “The conversion to Islam is not abandoning Christianity or Judaism, which I was born with.  It means I have accepted Mohammad and other prophets.”  (Oliver Stone is Jewish.  Sean’s mother Elizabeth is Christian.) Sean . . . who defends Iran’s right to have nuclear weapons . . . is a Shiite, and has taken the Muslim name Ali.

Colombian pop superstar Shakira was attacked by a sea lion as she tried to photograph and pet a group of the animals during a vacation in Cape Town. “I thought to myself how cute they were so I decided to get a bit closer than all of the other tourists and went down to a rock trying to pet them, doing baby talk while taking pictures,”. (SMH)
“Suddenly, one of them jumped out of the water so fast and impetuously that it got about one foot away from me, looked me in the eye, roared in fury and tried to bite me. Everyone there screamed, including me. I was paralyzed by fear and couldn’t move.” Luckily her brother jumped in and saved her. She said she and her brother both scratched themselves on the rocks while trying to protect themselves. Shakira said she thought the animal had mistaken her Blackberry phone for a fish and gone after it.
The incident was not the singer’s only run-in with wildlife during the trip. She also said on Twitter that a baboon had jumped onto her car the day after the sea lion attack.
“Now I’m off to see some penguins! I hope they are a bit more friendly,” she wrote….. (Some people just never learn…) 0_o

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