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DANCEHALL artist Patra is back and working on an album slated to be released this summer. The entertainer, who was missing from the  scene for a few years, said it was a well-needed break. “I have turned down several shows, so it was not a matter of me not getting calls for events. I was tired and suffering from depression as I wanted to get out of my contract and, to me, the process was crawling,” she said. Patra, said she also used the absence to interact spiritually with God and to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in history and political science.
Patra, whose given name is Dorothy Smith, shot to international recognition in 1994 when she was featured in Shabba Rank’s Family Affair. As a solo artiste, Patra’s debut 1993 album Queen of the Pack went to number one on Billboard’s Reggae Album Chart. Her second album, two years later, entitled Scent of Attraction did not reach the heights of her previous effort but managed to reach number two on the album chart. Can’t wait to hear her new material! till then here’s a flashback.. How cute was Tupac in this one?? 🙂
SEAN PENN reportedly paid off an Iraq War vet’s $15,000 medical bill.  They met when a female friend of Sean’s brought the vet as her date to a dinner party at Sean’s house. “Sean really took an interest in this guy and was hanging on his every word. He became the guest of honor, really,” the source says.
The soldier shared that during his tour, he had suffered a broken tailbone, two broken ankles and problems with his eyesight, and claimed he was still suffering the aftermath of his injuries. Penn asked him how much money he owed in medical expenses, and the soldier estimated around $15,000. The Oscar winning actor excused himself and left the room. He returned minutes later with a signed check — for $15,000! “The guy was in total shock! He didn’t know what to say and he started to tear up. He felt awkward accepting it and tried to give it back to Sean, but Sean refused,” I know that dude has an anger problem and is not a fan of anything that flashes, but I think with all of his humanitarian work Sean is proving to be a class act. 
It’s probably for the best that things didn’t work out between former First Lady of Turks and Caicos, LisaRaye, and her ex-hubby and former premier of the country, Michael Misick, because Misick is facing serious legal problems. British investigators looking into corruption allegations leveled against Misick have issued a warrant for his arrest. Thus far, thirteen individuals – including four former government ministers – have already been formally charged in court with taking millions of dollars to fraudulently distribute government land and giving access to developers. (Hmmm like the ISLAND Misick gave Lisa as a wedding present??)  The Special Investigation and Prosecution Team said every opportunity had been given to Mr Misick to voluntarily surrender to the SIPT’s jurisdiction for interview…he has failed to do so.” Looks like Lisa left in time…

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