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Dancehall’s most enigmatic power couple may getting back together. Internationally acclaimed Dancehall superstars, Beenie Man and D’Angel have endured public ridicule and scrutiny since their divorce last summer following a rollercoaster five-year marriage. But they aren’t going to let others (or even their own talk about one another in various songs) stop them from the bliss of their dancehall discord. Rumours have it that the two are back together and sources close to the couple say they still love one another and have been secretly seeing each other in order to avoid possible media fallout. Stanamaniiiiie! (Beenie Voice)


Fantasia Barrino just had a baby with boyfriend Antwaun Cook, but the father is having second thoughts and is actively pursuing his estranged wife, Paula Cook.
According to a family insider, Antwaun regrets giving up on Paula and their two children and while Paula is very hurt by what he did to their family, she’s not exactly staying away from him either.  “Paula and Antwaun both ended up at Club RE:Public over the weekend and things got a little cozy between the two,” the source said.
“I don’t know where Fantasia was, but she definitely wasn’t in the club where they were!”
The source continued by saying that while Paula was receptive, she was still a little gun-shy with all the PDA. “Antwaun was shoving his tongue down her throat and she kept having to push him away without trying to make a scene,” the source explained. “He told Paula that she belongs to him because she’s still his wife!” Fantasia and Antwaun first began dating while he was still married to Paula in early 2010, and after Paula filed a homewrecking court claim the former American Idol star tried to kill herself. The source goes on to say that Paula is a very beautiful woman and Antwaun has always been really attracted to her. (OUCH) “Antwaun has lost interest in Fantasia,” the insider said. “He was even egging people on to take pictures of him and Paula together…he didn’t care who knew.”

Last September, SNOOP DOGG’S 12-year-old daughter CORI B debuted her first single, “Do My Thing”. Now she has a new song, and Snoop is on this one.  It’s called “Daddy’s Girl” . . . and it’s basically an ode to her dad. I can’t lie I was scorning this tune but its actually a really cute song..  These two actually have a really sweet relationship and from everything I’ve seen and heard Snoop is a really loving and hands on dad. Here’s a link to “Daddy’s Girl” let the awwwwws begin. 🙂


Dancehall artist Popcaan has been enjoying new found stardom with upcoming shows in Suriname,  Bahamas, Europe and of course his Toronto gig on March 25th (which we are giving away tickets for and which qualify you for a trip to Jamaica!)  Poppy, aka fry eye, aka hot skull, aka my future boy toy 😉 has been moving from under the shadow of his protege and stepping out of the Dancehall scene to appeal to an international market. One of the first efforts to widen his scope was the  “Only Man She Want” remix with Busta Rhymes, which was a HOT pile of garbage. o_0
He’s trying again though and this time he’s collaborating with the Doggfather Snoop Dogg. They worked on a song together while snoop was in Jamaica working on a documentary. Of the collaboration Popcaan says “We meet and hol’ a vibe and write few songs and then we lay down about three tracks, so the album production team will have some different vibes to work with…” He described their lyme as a cool, good experience saying, “Snoop was cool, and we chat and vibe. I introduced him to apple vodka and ting and he liked it so we just hol a vibe all night, was a ravin drink up link.” Fingers crossed, it’ll have the Party shot! 😉

The Game recently showed he’s not completely off his meds by Spitting on a fan in a video captured on youtube and then encouraging his boys to grope an unwilling fan in another. Charming… The spittage happened at Bourbon nightclub in Australia. The gropage happened at another concert where he urged an unwilling fan to show her breasts at a show in Adelaide when his friends groped her and then eventually pushed her off stage.

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