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October 5, 2012
MR VEGAS GOES INNN ON FACEBOOK Reggae star Mr Vegas recently went innnnn on Facebook and twitter. From the looks of it the man who sang man a "Gallis" is having some issues with his X gal Shellian. here are some excerpts from his facebook. NO ONE KNOWS MY HURT, UNTIL YOU CAN RELATE, TO THIS, YOU CAN(T) ADVISE ME WHAT TO DO. I AM HUMAN, BLOOD RUN THROUGH MY VEIN, THIS IS NOT OUT OF MALICE, BUT WHEN A (woman) GET CAUGHT ....... ITS A DIFFERENT STORY. YA'LL KNOW HOW HARD I WORK, JUST TO MAKE MY FAMILY HAPPY AND COMFORTABLE. A WOMAN CAN ALWAYS MOVE ON, IF A MAN (isnt right for you) MOVE ON! IF YOU DON'T LOVE A MAN ANYMORE, MOVE ON! (girl) YOU GOT CAUGHT, STEP DOWN OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE. GOOFY DID WARN MI. I APOLOGIZE TO YOU GOOFY. I DO NOT WANT ANY1 CALLING MY PHONE & TELLING ME NOT TO POST ANYTHING! WHEN SHELLIAN MCBAYNE WAS IN MY HOUSE w A MAN IN FROM OF MY 1 YR OLD BABY, 2 DAYS BEFORE MY BIRHTDAY, NO ONE WAS TELLING HER DON'T DO IT. He also took time in his on line assault to post a loving message to his daughter in the midst of all this... No matter what! I will never turn my back on you Reina Smith, you did not ask to be here, we brought u here! I will Keep loving you with all my heart and all my soul. I know I will see you again, with the help of God. Keep shining, the star is the limit and I will help you get there. Keep saying "my dadda" as I will keep saying, "my nana". Don't cry for me my queen, daddy will soon hold you and sing u "up! down!" again. I planned a lifetime around you, this is just an obstacle, Muahhhhhhhhhh Queen Reina, dadda love you forever. MARY J IN MONTREAL Mary J. Blige recently flew to Montreal for the start of “Betty & Coretta,” a Lifetime biopic of Betty Shabazz (played by Blige) and Coretta Scott King (Angela Bassett) in the wake of the deaths of their husbands, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. “Right now it’s a little sad but I’m enjoying it… it’s the death of Malcolm, the death of Martin and the women trying to be strong and get through it,” Blige told Billboard of the early screen tests. Shooting for the “Betty & Coretta” biopic began yesterday HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! IF today is your birthday, you share it with the following celebs.. --India.Arie - 37 (She is NOT her hair..) --Talib Kweli - 37 ( Solo artist and The other half of rap duo Blackstar.) --Gwen Stefani - 43 (No Doubt.) --Clive Owen - 48 (star of "Sin City", "Derailed", "Closer", "Shoot 'Em Up" "King Arthur"and "Duplicity".) --The Reverend Al Sharpton - 58 --Dave Winfield - 61 (Baseball Hall of Famer, and the only athlete ever drafted by teams in all three major professional sports . . . the San Diego Padres, Atlanta Hawks and Minnesota Vikings.) --Chubby Checker - 71 (Given name: Ernest Evans. Claim to fame: "The Twist".)





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