The Juice with Jemeni (Thur, Dec 16)

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Anderson’s Coming Out
Sources say that ANDERSON COOPER is going to COME OUT on his talk show “Anderson” during February sweeps.
Supposedly, Anderson is throwing a Christmas party for his staff tonight . . . and he’s going to introduce everybody to his boyfriend there. And they’re already preparing for the big coming out episode.
Tyra Breakup
Supermodel and TV mogul Tyra Banks has ended her four-year relationship with banker John Utendahl. The 38-year-old, who was dating Utendahl since 2007, is on a Spiritual Trip in Bali to get over her break-up. Tyra has gone away with a female friend and has been island-hopping, visiting Bali and taking a spiritual retreat.
However, don’t feel to bad for her ex, while she was on a spiritual retreat he was spotted partying it up with Russian model in NY.
Marc Anthony Unimpressed with J-Lo’s new Boy Toy
Marc Anthony is Having Fits About Jennifer Lopez Nailing a 24-Year-Old Backup Dancer
Would it surprise you to learn that MARC ANTHONY is a little upset over the fact that his soon-to-be ex-wife JENNIFER LOPEZ is nailing 24-year-old backup dancer Casper Smart?
A source says, quote, “He has fits and tantrums and is very stressed . . . [He’s] lost a lot of weight.”
Meanwhile, Casper has been seen cruising around town in J-Lo’s Bentley. And that’s another point of contention. Marc reportedly doesn’t want Casper behind the wheel when his twins are in the car, because Casper is currently facing drag racing charges.
Bob gets covered
One of mark and my favourite blue eyed soul Singers Michael McDonald, known for his time as a member of the Doobie brothers, Steely Dan and for solo hits like I’m not in love anymore, and on my own with Patti Labelle, is collaborating with his son Dylan on a cover album and the first person on their list to cover was Bob Marley.
According to Billboard, the McDonalds expect to complete the set by year end. They haven’t announced which Marley songs are being covered by the duo, but said they were part of a ‘spiritual connection’ the McDonalds felt as they conceived the album. McDonald joined the Doobie Brothers in 1976 when Marley was making inroads internationally with his Rastaman Vibration album for Island Records. He left the ‘Doobies’ in 1981, the year Marley died.
Oprah in Haiti
Oprah Winfrey toured an encampment for Haitians displaced by earthquake under tight security this week. Winfrey, escorted by security guards, walked among the tents with the actor Sean Penn, who helped create an aid group that provides support to people who live in the encampment and who himself lives in the camp with the refugees throughout the year.
Winfrey said Penn’s efforts will be featured in an upcoming program on her Oprah Winfrey Network. Penn said he welcomed the interest of “the world’s most elegant woman” and expected it would help Haiti. The camp where his group works was built on a former country club golf course and has been home to thousands of people since the earthquake left much of the Haitian capital in ruins.”Everybody who has spent time in Haiti knows how important it is for the world to see what is going on here. … We really appreciate that she’s here with us,” Penn said.

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