The Juice with Jemeni (Fri, Dec 9)

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Lil Kim’s New Man
Rapper Lil Kim has a new man honey. . . . and he’s a BALLER. Apparently Kim has been dating Mavericks guard and NBA championship winner Jason Terry. The two were recently spotted celebrating his birthday and looking very comfy.  😉
Fit for 50
50 Cent wants to help you get fit, and is working on a health and fitness book that will share the secrets of his exercise regime.  “Formula 50: A 6-Week Total Body Transformation Plan,” comes out in January and willl focus on metabolic resistance along nutrition. guide.
Mr hardbody himself says he wants to help people “make positive changes and take charge of their overall health.”
Blue movies for Corbin Bleu
Disney’s CORBIN BLEU is ready to leave Disney and the “High School Musical” flicks in the dust. In his upcoming movie “Nurse 3D”, Corbin has a SEX SCENE with Katrina Bowden from “30 Rock”. And if the title didn’t clue you in, it’s in 3D. (!!!)  Corbin says, quote, “You see my rear end. It’s tasteful. It’s done well . . . It should be interesting.” “Nurse 3D” is about two nurses who kill unfaithful men. It’s supposed to come out sometime next year. “Boardwalk Empire” hottie PAZ DE LA HUERTA is in it, too. (side note: I looooooooove Boardwalk Empire)
Kevin Federline goes down…   under.
Britney’s ex Kevin Federline is trying once again to drop some poundage . . . this time overseas.Kevin is doing an Australian show called “Excess Baggage”. It’s basically their version of “Celebrity Fit Club”. It takes place in a very remote and hostile part of the Outback. Unfortunately, things got so rough for your boy K-Fed that he COLLAPSED from heat stress and had to be hospitalized. I don’t know how long he was hospitalized, but it wasn’t too long . . cuz he’s back on the set and losing wieght as we speak.

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