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Gaga is a monster to work for
Lady Gaga is being sued by a former assistant who claims she was a slave to the singer, having to do such unconscionable things (horror of horrors) as fetching a towel for her
after she showered, and keeping her on schedule! Jennifer O’Neill says she worked for Gaga for 13 months, and is owed $380,000 in overtime.  O’Neill says in her job included “ensuring the promptness of a towel following a shower and serving as a personal alarm clock to keep [Gaga] on schedule.”
O’Neill claims she had to cater to Gaga in “stadiums, private jets, fine hotel suites, yachts, ferries, trains and tour buses.” O’Neill is suing for the $380k — which represents
7,168 hours of overtime during the 13 months. Gaga is not a defendant because  O’Neill is actually suing Mermaid Touring Company, which Gaga uses for concerts and what not.
Gaga’s rep told the New York Post the suit is “completely without merit.”
What a tangled Weave they web!
Constance Corleone who owns a hair extension line called Bella Dream Hair is claiming that Basketball Wives own Tami Roman had her rep contact her last September and asked to try out Constance’s product.  According to her lawsuit, Constance obliged, and then was horrified to learn Tami had fired up her own extension line under the name, Curls By Roman.   What’s worse, Constance claims, Tami was advertising her line with a pic of her wearing Constance’s extensions” Constance is suing for more than $500k.
Etta James is Ill
In sad news the incomparable  Etta James’ health has taken a turn for the worse. The iconic singer, who is terminally ill with chronic leukemia, has been hospitalized after having
trouble breathing, according to her manager, Lupe De-Leon. De-Leon, who describes James as “in pretty bad shape,” says that the “At Last” singer’s family is with her at a Riverside, California hospital where she was admitted on Wednesday evening. “She is on a breathing machine and is resting,” he adds. Two days before she was hospitalized, a California judge ruled that James’ husband since 1969, Artis Mills, will remain conservator of her million-dollar estate. On December 15, James’ doctors announced that the singer’s leukemia was terminal and requested prayers from her family and fans. James is a true legend who has changed the face of music and influenced many of today’s biggest artists. Our prayers go out to her and her family.
The Christmas Boof 🙁
NBA superstar Al Horford of the Atlanta Hawks was scheduled to marry his longtime fiance over the Christmas holidays, but Ebeneezer Horford apparently broke it off with her last week while she was planning the wedding. And to add insult to injury as if a holiday boof wasn’t enough. Yesterday, he ELOPED with his side chick singer and former Miss Universe Amelia Vega. OUCH!
Lose Weight Like a Man!
Basketball champ Charles Barkley, who admits to topping out at 350 lbs. (WOW) since retiring 11 years ago, has started knocking off the pounds with the help of  Weight Watchers. “I felt bloated and big,” says Barkley, who has lost 27 lbs. after 10 weeks on the program, which on Tuesday announced a new campaign targeted to the male population called “Lose Like a Man.” In all Barkley lost 41 lbs total. After cutting out junk foods like pizza and cookies – and working in a breakfast of yogurt or oatmeal – the 6’6″ former pro athlete has more energy. “I feel good. My body is starting to look like a person
again! I’ve been fat for a long time.”
Basketball Wife Charged with Evelyn charged with Fraud.
Evelyn Lozada one of the stars of “Basketball Wives” who was once engaged to former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker is being sued for allegedly receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally. Walker raked in a $110 million during his NBA career, in addition to untold millions in endorsements and other deals and then blew it all. Walker filed for bankruptcy last year, and now the bankruptcy trustee smells a rat.  It seems Walker gave Lozada $560,000 when he already knew he was going belly up.  The trustee has sued Lozada, claiming the transfer was fraudulent — an attempt to hide money from legitimate creditors. The trustee says Lozada used the money to start her shoe store called Dulce, and now the trustee wants the $560k back. Lozada and Walker insist there was no funny business.  He gave her the money to help pay her bills. Lozada claims she funded Dulce by selling her engagement ring and claims to have no idea Walker was so deep in debt.

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