The Juice with Jemeni (Tues, Dec 6)

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In Living Color, the groundbreaking ’90′s sketch comedy show from the  Wayans Brothers is coming back on Fox Television ! The show that first  introduced the world to Jim Carrey and Jaimie Fox and Jennifer Lopez (as a  flygirl dancer) is back and looking for new up and coming stars. They say if  you have a knack for making friends and family laugh or always thought you were  funny, this might be your big chance? Auditions are going down today in Toronto  and we hear strawberry love is spreading jerry curl juice all over his audition  today.. we wish him the best of luck!!!
Young money rapper Tyga recently had a show in Toronto at Koolhaus which was followed by an afterparty at Body English where he proceeded to invite women on stage to dance but only with their tops off. Several young women joined him on stage half naked with
one even stripping down to only a thong and was then groped by audience members. The video was uploaded and immediately caused a firestorm online. Tyga  eventually posted a link of the video, tweeting beside it “don’t remember this. lol”
This is sportsnews for the ladies lol! NFL hopeful and college football star Tyrann Mathieu was in the news after he and his girlfriend called out some of his side women as trouble makers and basically denying any relationships with anyone other than his girlfriend. One of them has sent out nude pictures that are allegedly of Tyrann naked. Tyrann, bob, Joe.. whoever this is WOWOWOWOWOOWOW!!!! Just know that if you take it on yourself to look up these pics they are not safe for work. Unless your work is bringing news like this to the city.. in that case….Anything for you Toronto 😉 (while I was “researching” this piece Mark Strong accidentally saw the pic and has been complaining that his eyes are
burning ever since AHAHAHa)
Beyonce is apparently laughing off the rumours that she’s not really pregnant but says her mother and sister are really angry about all the fake pregnancy talk. Got to say, I
thought it was silly but there is video of her pregnant on Australian host Graham Norton’s show where she sits down and her whole stomach crumbles in like paper that makes you wonder. Also didn’t help that her father’s lover claims he asked her to give their baby up to Jay and Beyonce to raise like their own. Poor Beyonce she just doesn’t get any slack, first everyone complained because she hasn’t had a baby, and then she gets pregnant and no one believes her folding belly is a baby.. 🙁
WhosWho in in partnership with George Brown College is launching a new lecture series with industry leaders to uncover the truth behind success and excellence. Our very own Aisha Wickham Thomas, Director of Communications for G98.7 FM, will be doing an in-depth interview with Ricardo McRae uncovering her secrets to success along with insights into the music industry. As today is the national day of remembrance and action on violence against women, one way to mark it is to elevate and celebrate strong women within our community who are making a difference at events like this one.

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