The Obama’s Easter Weekend!

Apr 7, 2015 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

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U.S President Barack Obama and the First family celebrated Easter by going to one of the oldest African American churches, the Alfred Street Baptist Church.
This 212-year-old church that was started by slaves in 1803, is the most prominent church in Northern Virginia with more than 7000 members. Reverend Howard John Wesley delivered a sermon entitled “The Resurrection Matters” and he paired several controversial modern issues explaining that everyone has to make a choice about what they believe, be it Malcom X versus Martin Luther King, Prince or Michael Jackson or where to stand on same sex couples and gun reform or whether to believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ or not.
The fact that the Obama was in attendance, Rev. Wesley says it was an honor to worship with the President.
Contributor: Charlene McCallum (follow on Twitter: @CharleneCMCC)

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