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November 28, 2011


Just 2 years ago on this day at 6:00am, our station officially aired its first live broadcast with the song “I Can See Clearly Now” by Jimmy Cliff, followed by our founder Fitzroy Gordon saying a prayer, before handing it over to our morning hosts Mark Strong and Jemeni of “Mark and Jem in the Morning”.
For the past 2 years, our station has strived to bring the genres of R&B, soul music, reggae, soca, hip hop, world beat, gospel, and smooth jazz, into the homes, cars and offices of our Caribbean and African communities – and I think we’re doing a great job don’t you agree?!
We’re so proud that Mr. Gordon has accomplished his mission to bring a Black and Caribbean radio station as the voice of our community, and within these 2 years he has empowered the people of our community to have that voice.
He reminds our listeners that WE are the voice of the community!
Congratulations G 987FM on your anniversary, you’re here to stay, grooving on into the  future!

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