Toronto Loses Another Landmark

Nov 22, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Here we go again!

The World’s Biggest Bookstore will be closing a chapter in history, today.
The owners have announced the store will be closing for good at the end of February; it was sold to a real estate developer.
The former Guinness record holder has been open since the 1980’s.
The landmark is a staple with its iconic red and white sign that stretches down Edward St, located in down town Toronto.
Unfortunately the store has not been able to turn a profit and has met the same fate as his fellow land mark friend Sam the Record Man, which spun its last record and shut down the summer of 2007.
This announcement comes only months after ‘Honest Ed’s’, another historic land mark announced being sold to a developer, and will leave Bathurst Street dull after being open for 65 years.
I’m watching Toronto lose its signage personality as this is the third iconic spot that will be turning off its lights in less than decade.
Source: riyria.blogspot

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