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February 23, 2012
NATE DOGG SEX TAPE A 5-minute sex tape featuring the late Nate Dogg and an unidentified female has surfaced ... and it's being shopped to various media outlets. The tape is pretty much what you'd expect ... a lot of sex ... two different positions ... and a  Luther Vandross soundtrack. Sources say the person in possession of the tape is currently shopping it around to the usual porn studios. So far, NO takers.               KENNY ROGERS IS VEX! Kenny Rogers, the silver-haired country singer and actor, is suing EMI's Capitol Records. Rogers alleges that he was beat out of at least $400,000 and claims he's owed 50 percent of the digital-music royalties generated by his songs. He also says that EMI has dragged its feet on handing over an audit. Rogers is the latest in a growing list of artists who have filed similar suits against their labels and claim they are owed royalties from digital sales. The artists include Cheap Trick, the Allman Brothers (Sony Music Entertainment), Rick James, Chuck D (Universal Music Group), and Sister Sledge (Warner Music Group). These acts say the labels insist on paying them the same 10 percent to 20 percent rate they used to pay on CD sales. That rate factored in such losses as disc breakage and the costs to warehouse CDs. The artists argue that in a digital world, those charges don't apply.             GUESS WHICH ATHLETE IS A RUNAWAY GROOM? NFL star quarterback Jason Campbell of the Oakland Raiders just DUMPED HIS FIANCE at the altar. Jenny is a beautiful woman, who has been with Jason since he was a rookie. The two met and started dating 5 years ago, and after a long separation found each other again. Jenny and her family were excited to fly down to the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, to celebrate their nuptials. But that was not to be, as Jason INEXPLICABLY BROKE IT OFF just hours before the ceremony was set to begin, stunning guests. Jason however is claiming that the 120 guests were informed of the cancellation of the wedding (which he says was mutual) on saturday night.... before the Sunday ceremony. (Low low loooooow.)             IT'S A WRAP ON KANYE'S CHARITY KANYE WEST'S charity . . .The Kanye West Foundation . . . closed up shop suddenly last summer, and according to "The Daily", it's because the foundation was spending a TON of money on administrative overhead . . . and hardly anything was going to actual charitable causes. In fact, the foundation spent $572,383 in 2010 . . . on things like salaries, wages, benefits, "professional fees," "travel, conferences, meetings," and "other expenses."And according to its tax return, the foundation's "contributions, gifts and grants" totaled $0.  So apparently, it didn't do ANY charity work in 2010. It was a similar situation in 2009, when Kanye's foundation had $553,826 in expenses, but just $583 went toward "charitable endeavors." No one is saying anything shady was going on here, it just seems like the foundation was badly managed.





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