Women kicks 'hairy' intruder to save her Dog

May 30, 2013 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Sharon Flannery of West Hartford, Connecticut, heard “a really deep, throaty growl,” coming from her backyard of her home yesterday morning.
According to Eyewitness news, after hearing her daughter screaming ‘Bear!’ she opened her door to investigate,  seeing her little Irish Jack Russell Terrier named Maggie, being chased by a 200-pound black bear!
Flannery told authorities she then kicked the bear in the face, inorder to get her dog safelty in the house.
She suffered minor puncture wounds on her leg.
Environmental officials eventually located the bears (there were also two cubs)  and were forced to euthanize the mother bear and tranquilized the two cubs, later releasing them into the wild (the cubs are old enough to survive on their own).
Flannery hopes to never encounter this kind of incident again, although her son was highly impressed by his Mother’s bravery.

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