World Health Organization says Ebola is no longer a threat

Mar 29, 2016 | Africa | 0 comments

The World Health Organization, the WHO, has declared that Ebola is no longer an “extraordinary health event” and the risk of the virus spreading is low.
The declaration means the disease is no longer thought to be a public health threat to countries outside of those affected in West Africa. A small cluster of cases are still occurring in Guinea. However, Sierra Leone and Liberia have not had any cases in months.
Experts say countries must remain vigilant for new flare-ups of Ebola as there have
been 12 to date – the most recent of which was in Guinea on March 17.
The WHO says countries have been able to react to these clusters quickly to contain them. It adds that all original chains of Ebola transmission have ended in the three West African countries that were plagued by the disease.

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