Worst… Anti-Violence Activists…EVER!!!

Nov 3, 2014 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

Mark and Jem’s Eeediot Ting!


Two ‘Stop The Violence’ activists really put their foot in their mouths… hypocritically speaking!


30-year-old Nikole Arnedo and 30-year-old Emanuel Velez of Washington were on their way home from an anti-violence rally they had organized with their group ‘Stop the Violence’ to two recent local shootings.


When the pulled up to their residence, they saw a roommate (whom they’ve accused of stealing property) moving his stuff out.


In a fit of rage, the two “anti-violence” activists broke threw their morals out the window and jumped their roommate, beating him to death. According to Washingtontimes.com, the assault was so bad that they knocked the roommate unconscious, then kept kicking him while he had seizures and vomited up blood. 


Nikole was wearing a “Stop the Violence” t-shirt at the time!

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