Your Definitive Guide to Moving

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Lets admit it, no one likes to move so here is a guide and tips to make that move easier and less stressful.


Before you move, be sure you know all the utilities you’re responsible for and make the transfers. The further in advance you can make the call the better, as sometimes certain utility companies will not be able to come out the next day to make the switch. Another switch you can make in advance is filling out a change of address form, which you can do online. If you change your address online, be sure you have a credit card that uses your current address as the billing address, since that’s how the postal service verifies the request.
Before you move, make sure you transfer all your utilities to the new address and do it sometime ahead of your move because some utility companies takes awhile to transfer utility service.
Also make sure everyone is aware of you new address by filling out change of address form well ahead of time.
Canada post can forward your mail to the new address for a small fee until you have notified everyone about your new address.

Moving Supplies

Next start looking for moving and packing supplies such as moving boxes, polyfoam wrap, picture boxes, wardrobe boxes, packing paper, moving blankets, plastic bags, packing tapebubble cushioning and colour coded labels. Note some moving supply companies might offer some of these supplies for free such as moving blankets or dollies, so check first to find out.
I wouldn’t recommend using used boxes because they are not usually in good condition, sometimes contaminated with chemicals, dirty with rat droppings, insects like cockroaches or bed bugs, so its best to use new boxes for your move.

Taking Measurements

Your new home most likely accommodates all you belongings but your new home might not, so its a good idea to start planning your.
Make an appointment to see your new place and take a tape measure with you so you may plan the location of all your belongings.

Find a Moving Company

If you you are not planning on doing the move on your own now is the time to start looking for a reputable local moving company in your area.
Look for a company with many year experience, trained moving personnel, moving insurance,  great reviews and late model moving trucks.
Also be aware of moving scams out there such as luring people looking for movers into a deal with low rates and then holding their items hostage for rates two to three times higher than the estimate.
Check this link for more information on moving scams  Ways to Avoid Moving Scams.


First pack a bag with all your essentials such as clothing and toiletries as if you are going on vacation so they are readily available when you need them.
Next label all sides of the box (avoid the top). Pack room by room and use colour coded labels to organize your boxes according to room.
Some companies such as TSC Moving and Storage provide packing and unpacking services so you should decide first if this is a service you are interested in.
Try to schedule an early move so you will miss rush hour traffic and safe yourself some time and frustration.
TSC Moving and Storage has been in the moving business for years and would be happy to provide you with an affordable moving quote.

Visit or call 416 424-4691 for more information.


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