Zara employee told her braids are “too extreme.”

Apr 11, 2016 | G-BLOG | 0 comments

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An employee at a Zara store in Toronto’s east end said she will likely quit her job and file a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission after managers gave her a hard time about her hair.

20-year-old Cree Ballah went to work Zara’s Scarborough Town Centre location back in March with her hair in large box braids gathered in the back. A manager asked her to take the braids out of the bunch she gathered at her back. Then later out in the busy mall where other Zara employees could see them, two of her managers proceeded to try to “fix” Ballah’s hair!

“It was very humiliating… it was unprofessional,” she said.

Ballah has filed a discrimination complaint with the HR department and told CBC News that she’s likely to quit and lodge a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission over the incident.

Was this racial discrimination or was this act valid act? Tell us your thoughts below!


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