Aiko’s Dreams Realized

Aiko’s Dreams Realized

March 2, 2021 | Entertainment, G-BLOG

Jhené Aiko
Jhené Aiko
Photo Credit: Jhené Aiko

For a long time Disney fan, Jhené Aiko’s dreams just came true.

The Souled Out singer’s new release, “Lead The Way” is featured on the soundtrack of Disney’s new animated movie Raya and the Last Dragon.

Not only is Aiko a Disney fan, she’s also a fan of dragons.

“I wanted to make Disney proud, because I grew up on Disney,” Aiko said about her big opportunity. “And yeah, it’s special. Where I live right now, they’re just put up a big billboard for the movie. So I was just like, ‘Look at that. Look at life.’ Just happy.”

Raya and the Last Dragon explores the lives of dragons and humans living in harmony as they fight a monstrous creature.

“I love dragons. I have a big dragon tattoo on my back. I was born in ’88, which is the year of the dragon. And I just think it’s a beautiful, mystical creature that is just so many things, symbolizes so many things for me, personally,” the singer said in an interview.

“I’ve always had this little fantasy of being a Disney princess, voicing one, or like being the character. And so this was the closest that I’ve gotten, so I was pretty excited.”

“Lead The Way” was written by Aiko and Oscar-nominated composer James Newton-Howard. It plays during the closing credits.

The track dropped on Feb. 26 and the movie hits theatres and Disney+ on March 5. Aiko will release the track’s official music video next month.

Aiko is also hoping her Grammy dreams come true on March 14.

Her Chilombo album is nominated for two Grammy Awards. The album is up for the Best Progressive R&B Album, while the John Legend collab “Lightning & Thunder” is nominated for new vocal or instrumental R&B performance.


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