Chad votes with long time leader seeking fifth term.

Chadians have voted in a presidential election as the incumbent, Idriss Deby, sought a fifth term in office. President Deby, who took power in a military coup 26 years ago, faces 12 challengers but is widely expected to win another term. Witnesses says thousands of...

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Illegal Marriages in Zimbabwe are on the rise

Since 2006, marrying a child below the age of 18 has been a crime, but law enforcement has seen the illegal unions continue, particularly in rural Zimbabwe.     According to UNICEF, 31 percent of Zimbabwean girls are married off before their eighteenth...

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US drone 'kills 150 Somali militants'

A US drone strike has killed more than 150 al-Shabab militants in Somalia.   Spokesman Captain Jeff Davis says the strike hit a training camp where a large-scale attack was being planned and that it targeted a camp about 120 miles north of the capital, Mogadishu....

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