CDN Black Music Awards

Jan 13, 2021 | Entertainment, G-BLOG | 0 comments

Photo Credit: SOCAN Foundation

The inaugural SiriusXM Black Canadian Music Awards were announced on Jan. 11 and the five winners are hip-hop artist Tobi, rapper Naya Ali, and R&B singer-songwriters Raahiim, Hunnah and Dylan Sinclair.

The new award was announced in September 2020 by the SOCAN Foundation to “recognize and celebrate the artistic merit demonstrated by Black music creators (songwriters, composers, producers, etc.) in all genres.”

SOCAN said the awards were created in recognition of systemic racism within society, and to “acknowledge and denounce history’s injustices by celebrating the talent of Black Canadian music creators.” 

More than 300 applications from Canadian artists were submitted for the award. 

The winners were selected by a jury and advisory council composed of prominent Black Canadian artists and industry leaders, including Toronto-based DJ Agile, Quebec jazz singer Dominique Fils-Aimé, Montreal Afro-pop performer Pierre Kwenders and music industry player Craig Mannix.

DJ Agile said that history often does not celebrate the contributions of Black Canadian music creators, which makes it important to “honour our diverse Black music creators with the Black Canadian Music Awards, now,” he said.

The five winners will each receive $5,000.


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