Chelsea Lose to Arsenal

Chelsea Lose to Arsenal

December 28, 2020 | G-BLOG, Sports

Frank Lampard. Photo Credit: Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC/Getty Images

Chelsea lost to Arsenal 3-1 in an all-London clash on Boxing Day.

To say Chelsea manager Frank Lampard was upset is an understatement. He said the players lacked character and played their worst 45 minutes of the season without the basics. 

According to Lampard, “The message is clear. The basics are to run and to sprint and the players have to do that on the pitch. The way we approached the Arsenal game in the first half wasn’t right.”

Lampard was asked about fatigue. “Was it tiredness? No. Did the players lack character against Arsenal? They did and they know that. The first half we lacked it. Second half we didn’t, to be fair,” he said.

Chelsea were down 2-0 at the half before a goal by Tammy Abraham in the 85th minute. That was followed by a missed penalty by Jorginho in the 90th minute. 

On Dec. 5, after their defeat of Leeds 3-0, Chelsea were third in the Premier Leader and two points away from the top of the table. They have lost three out of four matches since then. 

Chelsea’s next game is Dec. 28 against Aston Villa. 

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