Chris Brown Sued

Chris Brown Sued

July 12, 2021 | Entertainment, G-BLOG

Red Rat and Chris Brown
Left to Right: Red Rat, Chris Brown
Photo Credit: Red Rat/via Twitter; Jake Miosge for Chris Brown/via Twitter

Chris Brown, American singer and rapper, has been sued for copyright infringement, and is caught in the middle of a legal battle involving Dancehall artist Red Rat. 

UK based music publishing company, Greensleeves Publishing Ltd. filed the lawsuit against the 32 year old. It claims that Brown used similar lyrics and composition in his 2017 song ‘Privacy’ that Red Rat used in his 1997 dancehall hit ‘Tight Up Skirt.’

Greensleeves has alleged that the “core musical feature” of ‘Tight Up Skirt’ was used “prominently and without permission” in Chris Brown’s 2017 hit song. 

The lyrics from Red Rat’s song “Hey you girl inna di tight upskirt” is the core musical feature in question. Though the lyrics have been altered to “Hey you girl without a tight up skirt” in Brown’s song, Greensleeves claims that the rhythms in both songs are “identical in both songs with corresponding identical, or similar, lyrics in the following sequence in both songs.”

According to Greensleeves, due to the lack of a hook in Brown’s song, the “stolen” phrase holds a greater significance in the song, as it takes on a “prominent position as the first phrase in each chorus section.”

Chris Brown is being slapped with a US $1.5 million dollar lawsuit by the company, with a potential for more if the court deems the damages and profits plus interest exceed the given dollar amount. 

This lawsuit comes at a tense time for Brown, as he currently is in the midst of another legal battle with his Housekeeper, claiming that she was attacked by his dog. She also claims that after the attack, Brown had the dog euthanized to “destroy evidence.”



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