Dancehall Life Tackled Depression

Dancehall Life Tackled Depression

April 23, 2021 | Entertainment, G-BLOG

Dancehall Life Tackled Depression
(From left) Tashlieka “Pretty Pretty” Laird, Keticia “TC” Chatman, and Christina “Dancing Rebel” Nelson
Photo Credit: DownSounds Records, YouTube

Dancehall Life, the web reality show, is not afraid to tackle the tough topics. 

The April 18th episode, starring popular dancers Keticia “TC” Chatman, Christina “Dancing Rebel” Nelson and Tashlicka “Pretty Pretty” Laird, tackled depression. 

Cordell “Skatta” Burrell, the show’s co-creator, said, “Depression is just one of the topics Dancehall Life will delve into. The girls are very humorous and, of course, talented but they do have some depth to them that may not have been as obvious as will be seen on the show. They are also role models to a lot of young girls so we at DSR (DownSounds Records) wanted to make sure there are always solid messages and lessons in as much of the episodes as possible.”

He continued, “The girls have often been told that they have been a source of inspiration so they are aware of the effect and the influence they can wield. They care a lot about their fans and just wanted to share some of the issues they themselves have come across and give their take on how to deal with these issues.”

A 2019 survey by the Pan American Health Organization revealed that approximately three percent of Jamaicans suffer from depression, with women having higher rates of depression and anxiety than men. 

Dancehall Life starring three former members of the Team Spice dance group, premiered on April 11th to much success.

The first episode, Di Dolls’ Dem Out!” introduced the girls to viewers as the girls met at a mansion on the outskirts of Kingston. 

Each episode displays the girls as they interact in everyday situations. Nothing is scripted or rehearsed. 

The dancers were involved in a public argument with Spice, the Queen of Dancehall, recently that led to the dismantling of Team Spice. 

The show airs Sunday nights online. 



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