‘Family Feud’ Host Under Fire!

‘Family Feud’ Host Under Fire!

November 26, 2014 | G-BLOG

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Comedian, self-help author and game show host Steve Harvey is in some hot water!


The “Family Feud” host is caught in a 43 million dollar federal lawsuit, over accusations he used music without authorization on his hit daytime talk show, ‘The Steve Harvey Show’.


Music publishing company ‘We 3 Kings’ allege that Harvey used a total of 268 unlicensed songs during season 2 of the show and they never agreed to let Harvey or his show use their music catalog.


The company claims because of Harvey’s actions, all their executives may have to file for bankruptcy, as they won’t be able to license the songs to other shows, radio programs and advertisements. Harvey has yet to come forward to address the accusations.


Source: eurweb.com/Image: huffingtonpost.com



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