Go Get ‘em Santa Cop!

Dec 17, 2020 | G-BLOG, International | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Riverside Police Department (CA)

Kudos to the Undercover cop and his assistant elf of the Riverside Police Department in California who teamed up to combat crime in a shopping center in Sacramento. The holiday enforcement program was dubbed “Santa Intervention,” aiming to crackdown on retail theft. The program netted several arrests, the most remarkable being the apprehension of car thieves who stole a white Honda CR-V in the parking lot. Santa and his elf who were waiting outside the mall to catch shoplifters, leapt into action when they saw three men in the process of stealing the car. The elf detained one man while Santa tackled another suspect.

“Get them Santa” shouted an onlooker who was recording the incident. Footage shows Santa grabbing one suspect, slamming him to the ground and wrestling him, while the elf officer held the other suspect at gunpoint. The two men were taken into custody. One was arrested on charges of illegal drug possession and resisting arrest, while the other was identified and later released. The third man escaped in the stolen Honda, but not for long says the Riverside Police the Department, “we identified him” and they we will get to him soon enough on car theft charges. The Honda was later found abandoned in the nearby area.

Videos from the scene quickly became viral after being posted on YouTube and Facebook. Other perpetrators who made the naughty list under the Riverside “Santa Intervention Program” was a man who was arrested for stealing Lego sets worth $1,000 and a woman who stole a cart full of merchandise.

A police officer from the Department noted that it was the first time that the department used an undercover Santa to combat crime. Looking at the success of the program, sure enough it will not be the last. “You betta watch out,” Santa and his team have a list of suspects and they are checking to see who is naughty or nice. “Go get ‘em Santa!”

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