Grammy for Black?

Grammy for Black?

March 4, 2021 | Entertainment, G-BLOG

Charly Black
Photo Credit: Charly Black

Charly Black wants a Grammy, and he believes his latest EP So Many Reasons, will guarantee him that illustrious award. 

Black, known more for his hardcore dancehall and party music, released his family-friendly album on Feb. 26. 

“This one you can play around the kids, grandparents — It’s family-oriented and it is about love,” Black said in an interview. “I am a gold artist. I have sold diamond already in the Latin world. So, I am looking forward to take home the Grammy. That’s my aim,” he added.

Black said his improved technical abilities are evident on the new EP.

“On this particular project you can really see the improvements in my vocals, because I am really not a singer but a hardcore dancehall artist, so it different but I’ve grown.”

“This more of a calmer, love, more party same way but at the end of the day it is something I’ve always wanted to do; because if I ask a producer in Jamaica to do something like this they wouldn’t want to do it,” added Black.

Black noted previous producers were not willing to push him towards this softer side of music, but it is something he always wanted to do. The project was also delayed due to the pandemic. 

“I have been signed to Universal Records to put out two albums. Originally, last year the album was to come out but I put a pause on it because of the whole COVID-19 situation. Based on the fact that this is our norm now, we just gotta do what we have to do,” Black said.

“I am always a person who is multi-talented in the music. And this is a kind of project that I always wanted to put out long time, long before I even have ‘Party Animal,’’ he added.

Black believes his fans are going to love his new sound. 

“My fans are going to appreciate it. I have no doubt that people are going to love it. They are going to see that Charley Black has grown in the music. What’s the meaning of life without growth? 

And you can really hear my vocals, that I am becoming a better artist and I’m really happy within myself with this EP,” he said.

Singles on So Many Reasons include “Ravin” a collaboration with Sean Paul, “Our Anniversary” produced by DJ Floyd from Martinique, and “Diggy Dee” produced by Jazzy T of Renaissance sound system. 

Black is expected to drop more music later this year.


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