Juice with Jemeni (Fri, Jan 13)

Juice with Jemeni (Fri, Jan 13)

January 13, 2012 | G-BLOG

Adele Has Found Herself a New SOMEONE 🙂
British soul sensation Adele has finally moved on from the heartache which spawned her two hit albums – she has been spotted enjoying a romantic holiday with a new man. The Chasing Pavements hitmaker based her popular records 19 and 21 on her failed relationships and she has mainly stayed single since splitting from her last boyfriend in 2009. Last month, the singer revealed she is ready to find love again and now it appears her wish has come true after she was photographed kissing and cuddling 36-year-old charity boss Simon Konecki during a New Year break in Florida. On Friday, the pair was seen enjoying a trip to the Everglades National Park near Miami. They strolled along a beach before embracing, and they were later seen taking a ride on an airboat to go alligator spotting together.
Has Jay-Z Given Up the B-Word Because of His Daughter?
From now on, when JAY-Z talks about his 99 problems, he’s going to have to get a little creative.  Because, thanks to the birth of his daughter Blue Ivy, he can no longer use the
B-Word. According to the website AllHipHop.com, Jay released a rhyme yesterday which announced that he’s given it up.  He said . . . “Before I got in the game, made a change,
and got rich, I didn’t think hard about using the word [B****]. I rapped, I flipped it, I sold it, I lived it Now with my daughter in this world I curse those that give it. (I don’t know I Love Jay but this does seem hugely hypocritical, like its ok for everyone else’s daughter but not for yours.. I’m interested in seeing what other words he takes out of his lexicon)


 Lady Gaga goes Bollywood
Pop sensation Lady Gaga is keen to land a role in a Bollywood movie. The ‘Poker Face’ hitmaker travelled to India in October to perform her first show in the country and mingled with actors Shah Rukh Khan and Arjun Rampal during the visit. The trip so inspired Gaga, she wrote in a post on Twitter praising the Mumbai film industry. “I recently saw a Bollywood show in Paris and my interest in India has piqued. I would like to do a Bollywood film. I am fascinated by the dance and the clothing,” said Gaga. The singer also said that she is planning to host a free gig in India in the near future.  Gaga recently released a  Bollywood-inspired remix of the song of Born this way which was produced by famous Indian music
composers Salim and Sulaiman, Gaga said in a tweet that she made the song to show “all the little monsters in India that I appreciate you.” “We collaborated with Indian music
producers from across the globe to show our respect and appreciation for our Desi fans and the music community,” said Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter. “We’re looking forward
to more Desi collaborations in the near future.”

Hulk Hogan is Shaving it All Off.  
HULK HOGAN has one of the most iconic mustaches of all time.  But maybe not for much longer.  He says, quote, “I’m getting ready to go on some auditions.  I’m getting ready to shave my head and my mustache.  So that should be scary.” But the chairman of the American Mustache Institute is urging Hulk not to shave, because that would cause,  quote, “angels in heaven to die and fall to earth.”  HAHAHAAAA
New Movies Out This Weekend
It’s Friday which means there are some new movies coming out this weekend here’s three that will hit theatres this week.

In Joyful Noise Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton play rivals leading their church choir to a national competition.  And it doesn’t help that Dolly’s grandson has the hots for Latifah’s daughter, played by Keke Palmer from the Nickelodeon show “True Jackson VIP”.

The 1991 fairytale Beauty and the Beast hits theaters in 3D for the first time.  If that’s not enough to tempt you and the kiddies, they’re including a new animated short before the movie
with the characters from “Tangled”, called “Tangled: Ever After”.

And Finally Contraband stars Mark Wahlberg as a family man forced back into his old life as an international smuggler, after his brother-in-law messes up a drug deal.
That’s the Juice! Happy Weekend Guys! Please stay warm and safe on this snowy winter weekend.. 😉

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