Koffee Signs with H&M

Dec 7, 2020 | Entertainment, G-BLOG | 0 comments

Photo Credit: H&M

Mega superstar and Grammy award winner Koffee partners with Swedish Multinational clothing retail company H&M to promote a holiday advertisement. The Columbia Records artiste narrates in the advertisement and is the main lead in the 2020 campaign entitled “Bring on the Future.” Since launching her debut album in 2019, with her celebrated song “Toast,” the reggae superstar continues in the vein of positivity and takes on the task of being the brand ambassador for H&M with a message that reflects on 2020 and brings hope for a better 2021. The positivity she portrays in her music has paid off and she continues to communicate her positive vibes to the world.

In the H&M holiday advertisement, Koffee uses her voice to narrate a powerfully written poem that brings chills to the listener ending with the stanza:

Bring on the night, Bring everyone

Come rays of light across the sky

The year is fading, say goodbye

The future world has just begun

H&M could not have made a better choice in using Koffee as their brand ambassador to send a humble and heartwarming message that looks towards a brighter future. In an interview with H&M magazine, Koffee expressed that she wants to make the world a better place through her music. Alluding to her latest song “Lockdown,” that envelops hope in the quarantine, she says her perspective on life is worth listening to and it is all there in her lyrics. She wants people to enjoy her music and more importantly to feel fulfilled by it. In delivering such a profound message it is clear that Koffee has certainly lived up to the expectation of being “the most exciting, forward-thinking, globally focused young talent out there.”

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