NCAA March Madness

NCAA March Madness

March 17, 2021 | G-BLOG, Sports

NCAA March Madness
Michigan vs Louisville during the 2017 March Madness in Indianapolis, IN.
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The first tipoff doesn’t happen until March 18, but this year’s March Madness is already one to remember. 

The NCAA Division 1 basketball tournament is an annual hoop fest for fans looking for the next NBA or WNBA superstar. Usually, we expect to see powerhouse schools such as Duke and Kansas fighting it out in the men’s tournament. But not this year. 

Duke, Kansas, and defending champion Virginia were forced to pull out of their qualifying conference tournaments due to positive COVID-19 tests. 

In the ladies’ side, Missouri State pulled out of their qualifying tournament because of a positive test on the opposing team, Bradley. 

For the teams that do make to the final tournament, they will play inside a bubble. The men are living, practicing, and playing in Indianapolis, while the women are gathering in San Antonio. The NCAA expects fans to flock to both cities to celebrate safely. 

Some teams to watch in the 68-team men’s tournament include Baylor, Georgetown, and Gonzaga. 

In the ladies’ tournament, which tips off on March 21, look out for Stanford, NC State, and Louisville. 64 teams are in that bracket. 

Upsets are possible in the early rounds as the teams battle it out to reach The Final Four. The men reach that milestone on April 3, with the NCAA championship game on April 5. 



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