“Behind the Water” Documentary Set to Release in 2015!

“Behind the Water” Documentary Set to Release in 2015!

November 13, 2014 | G-BLOG

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He’s been called the Prince of Hope and Fraser Kershaw wants to do just that for the people of Haiti.


The filmmaker and activist is the host of a new documentary film “Behind the Water” exploring how communities overcome overwhelming obstacles to find clean water in Latin America.


Kershaw was in Port Au Prince recently to provide clean water to a compound that consistently struggles to gain access to clean water. In Haiti, 40 percent of its people lack access to safe drinking water and waterborne diseases, and cholera is a leading cause of death among infants in Haiti. Only 25 percent of Haitian families have access to improved sanitation.


See the clip here: behindthewater.com


The film is directed by National Geographic’s Doug Clevenger and is scheduled for release in 2015.


Source: caribbeannewsnow.com,behindthewater.com/Image: nationalgeographic.com








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