No Basis for Charges

Dec 17, 2020 | G-BLOG, Local News | 0 comments

D’Andre Campbell. Photo Credit: Family photo

On April 6, 2020, Peel Regional Police attended the home of 26-year-old D’Andre Campbell. Following an interaction between Campbell and two officers, Campbell was shot and killed. 

Ontario’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU), the body which oversees police in the province, investigated the shooting. The SIU recently issued a decision, where it ruled there is no basis to lay criminal charges against the police officers who shot Campbell. 

According to a statement issued to The Canadian Press, Campbell’s family says, “D’Andre deserved better”. Campbell, who lived with schizophrenia, was prescribed medication, and lived much of his life symptom-free. “D’Andre lived with the challenges associated with mental illness. However, he was not defined by his challenges and had so much to offer.”

Campbell’s family questions some parts of the SIU’s version of events, and are left with many questions, as the police had previously interacted with Campbell.  

“Why was D’Andre’s interaction with police on this day different? Why were the officers not prepared to address D’Andre’s needs and circumstances? Why, on April 6, did the police not serve and protect D’Andre, as they had on previous occasions?” they said.

Campbell would have turned 27 on Dec. 18. 

Source: The Canadian Press

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