ONABSE Speaks Out About Racism In Schools

ONABSE Speaks Out About Racism In Schools

November 8, 2021 | G-BLOG, Local News


Photo Credit: ONABSE (@ONABSE) | Twitter

Community leaders and organizations in Toronto continue to speak out against racism in schools, and many of them plan to do something about it.


The President of the Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators also weighs on the issue.

Speaking with G 987, Warren Salmon says his organization will express its concern with the Toronto District School Board.



Salmon says ONABSE is calling for a branch within the ministry of education that is focused on serving African Canadian.



Salmon call comes weeks after a teacher at Kitchener’s Alpine Public School allegedly bound two students with tape, and kept them in a dark room where they were told to get free on their own, and a teacher who wore Black Face to a recent Halloween party at Parkdale Collegiate Institute here in Toronto.

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