Popcaan’s New Video

Popcaan’s New Video

March 2, 2021 | Entertainment, G-BLOG

Photo Credit: Popcaan

Popcaan has gone anime. 

The Unruly Boss shared an animated video for his new track, “Memory” on Feb. 26.

The track tackles something that is all too common in today’s society – fake people. 

Popcaan sings, “A carbon copy dem … dawg yuh nuh need glasses fi see seh dem don’t real. Dem a trial and crosses, mi see it seh dem don’t real.”

Popcaan also offers some advice on how to protect yourself from dem fake people. 

“Cant depend pon di sup’ or the sarge’, big matic mi give to my dawgs … If dem ever make me feel like mi 3 points don’t safe, den mi guns dem closer. Any stray dog try circle me place, dem blood haffi run like coaster,” he says. 

Dunw3ll of Dunwell Production produced the song’s soulful and resonating rhythms.

The video is available online. 


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