“Quiet On Set!”

“Quiet On Set!”

January 15, 2014 | G-BLOG

Drake and A$AP Rocky On Set Of “Wu- Tang Forever RMX” Video

Torontonian Drake was spotted with A$AP Rocky shooting the visuals for “Wu-Tang Forever RMX”. On Twitterverse, fans tweeted out photos from the video set and it seems that members of Wu will be making an appearance in the video despite creative differences,” I don’t even know how to take it, my brother. I just felt it don’t need to be ‘Wu-Tang Forever.’ It should be called ‘It’s Yourz,’ if that’s the case. That’s what the hook seems to be. But to call it Wu Tang Forever’…unless the song is about the Clan like that, then it’s cool,” said Wu Tang’s Inspectah.
Also, It seems Drake has been credited in helping to entice soccer player Jermain Defoe to the Toronto FC team, “I don’t know if I had an influence on him coming here. I think that all I did was give him the necessary information about a city he didn’t know much about. I told him how great it’s been to me, and how great I assumed it would be to him. We built up a personal relationship. I’m excited to see him begin his career here.”

Image/Source: Theybf.com

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