Sean Paul’s New Album

Sean Paul’s New Album

March 1, 2021 | Entertainment, G-BLOG

Sean Paul
Sean Paul
Photo Credit: Sean Paul

Live N Livin, Sean Paul’s new album, features 15 collaborations on its 16 tracks.

The album drops March 15 with guests Damian Jr. Gong Marley, Chi Ching Ching, and Govana, to name a few. 

Paul said recently, “It was important to me to show that in our genre of dancehall, we don’t need to clash in order to attain the spotlight. We don’t need to divide our fans to attain the rotations on the airwaves or streams.”

“Over the years myself, Shaggy, and more recently Koffee, Shenseea and others are tapping into the world stage and we are not clashing our co-workers, nor are we dividing our fans. This album Live N Livin is an album I hold very dear to my heart because it shows the effort of collaboration over confrontation.”

The album is perfect for your chill time, workout, or wake-up music.

“Schedule”, a collab with Marley and Ching, is a funky fresh rhythm. Marley’s slow rapping style complements Paul’s easy-breezy flow. 

“‘Schedule’ is a word weh we use backstage when anytime mi waan my Hennessy,” Paul explained. “Dem seh, ‘Waa gwaan?’. Mi seh, ‘Weh di schedule deh?’. Dem bring di schedule come so is a joke dat me and Jnr Gong and Ching have just as brethren… So when we hear the rhythm now we just out here drinking some Guinness and smoking and just vibing and freestyling on nuff different rhythm and this was one that played that Gong kept asking back fah… You hear people like Jnr Gong on the album (and) you’d a probably seh, ‘Bwoy is a more serious tune we going do together’. I did serious tunes on the album but dah one yah playful and happy.”

Govana is featured on the “Money Bag” track, and he complements Paul’s deejaying style seamlessly. 

“Me and Govi been a talk bout fi do some work,” said Paul. “First mi just did want him fi come to the studio and chop some rhythm up fi we but this was one a di tune dem weh drop een a little later in the game.”

“Everest” speaks to everyone working hard for their status and accolades. It features Masicka and Skillibeng.

“Space Ship” boasts a sample from Sasha’s “Kill the B*tch” and features Suku Ward 21, while “Boom” Paul’s collab with Busy Signal, will have the ladies whining their waists.  

Other featured artists include Buju Banton, Intence, and Mavado. 

Paul is expected to drop another project later this year.


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