Spice “I Feel a Way”

Dec 18, 2020 | Caribbean, G-BLOG | 0 comments

Spice. Photo credit: Spex Photo

Dancehall Queen Spice drops latest song “I Feel a Way” in 24 hours, inspired by a mortifying experience she had while shopping at Walmart where she felt she was racially profiled. The incident led the singer to take to social media saying,” I feel a way,” and promised to write a song owing to her experience. Spice wasted no time to summon songwriter, artist, and music producer Demarco to work on the upcoming track. The queen then scheduled a live writing session a week ago on Instagram, so fans could participate in writing the lyrics for the song. Her talent, as well as Demarco’s brilliance in music production, ensured the completion of the song in record time.

According to Buzz Caribbean within 24 hours the song was released, and in no time streamed 100,000 times on YouTube, trending at number 21 in Jamaica. Spice told the star that her fans are now her “BBF since they wrote I Feel a Way together.” She stated that she was so happy that her fans could be a part of it, to see her behind the scenes and how she puts songs together. She thanked the thousands of supporters who joined in the writing process and would like to have more social media collaboration with her fans in producing tracks in the future.  

Thrilled at meeting their need, Spice admitted that she never thought that people would gravitate to the I feel a way line so much, which was really a response to how many people are treated unfairly behind the cloak of racism. Her intriguing story went viral. Who would know that her rallying cry against discrimination would become a viral slogan, so much that the demand for a song was pressured out of the experience.

It is evident that many have felt and experienced the sting of inequalities that is so rampant in society. While the incident at Walmart that inspired the song was unpleasant, especially due to the racial climate in the US, it allowed for an outlet for thousands of fans to chime in with the grouses of 2020. What better way to make your voice known but through the song and lyrics of the dancehall queen Spice, whose passion has excited many to say farewell to a year that made them “Feel a Way.”

Sources: Buzz Caribbean; The Star; Urban Islandz

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