The Juice with Jemeni (Fri, Dec 30)

The Juice with Jemeni (Fri, Dec 30)

December 30, 2011 | G-BLOG

Top Grossing Concerts of 2011

For someone who used to get regularly PANNED for her live shows, Rihanna’s “LOUD” concert turned out to be the highest grossing Hip-Hop/R&B tour for 2011 taking in over $90 million dollars. According to POLLSTAR,   U2 was the #1 grossing act with $231M while country girl Taylor Swift grossed over $104M. Sade brought in $83 mill dollars (my favourite concert this year!) followed by Usher with $59M and the Watch The Throne tour came in at 48 mill.
Common Goes INNNN on Drake
Common has admitted to firing shots at Drake on his The Dreamer, The Believer track ‘Sweet.’ Rumours have been circulating for the last month that Com dissed Drake for singing rather than rapping, and Drizzy even addressed the speculation subliminally, saying that he will continue ’emo-hop’ for the fans. Now, Com has decided to set the record straight and admits that Drizzy was in the firing line of his lyrics. “He opened his mouth and said some things, so if that’s what he wants – all that subliminal [talk]…you could do that too, but say it now,” Com told MTV News. (Personally I’m gonna put it out there that the talk round here is that Common was really mad about Drake supposedly having a relationship with his ex, Serena)  Despite their war of words, Com gave credit where it is due and praised Drizzy’s talent. “He’s a very successful artist obviously and like I said, he’s a talented artist too – I give credit where it’s due.” (and slaps where they’re due, apparently!)
Songbird Beef (Anita Baker vs Jill Scott)
Shouts to my listener D.L. for giving me the scoop on this one!! Just days after Anita Baker tweeted about rehearsing for her performance on VH1 Divas Celebrates Soul, the Detroit-bred singer revealed that plans had changed, and she’d be WATCHING — but not PERFORMING in — the production along with everyone else.  Of course fans were wondering what happened, and it seems from her twitter feed and a batch of rumours that Anita and an unnamed singer (supposedly Jill Scott) could not get on the same page. Baker and Scott were supposed to sing “Sweet Love” together but it never happened because according to her tweets she wanted to go over the arrangement of the song, and it never happened.  “3 mins B4 dress rehearsal, I had no duet partner, simply b/c i asked if i could sing the first verse 2 establish the energy of the song…,” she wrote .  “it went South from there… folks started fallin’ out the Drama O’ Rama began… I went to my dressing Rm. The rumors erupted. I cried.”  She says she exited the gig to also protect the integrity of her brand.  In the end, Ledisi and  Marsha Ambrosius joined each other on stage to sing Anita’s “Sweet Love.” Anita never named Jill in her explanation of the events, though she did scold a musician named Jon Smeltz — who on December 17 tweeted, “Great rehearsal Jill Scott Anita Baker” — for spreading rumors.  She also said, “I took the high road… as i will ALWAYS do. I have never.  Nor, will i ever say a negative thing about any artist…”
MJ gets Engaged

It’s official! Rumors have been swirling all week, and now it’s confirmed.  Basketball icon Michael Jordan plans to walk down the aisle with longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto.
The Charlotte Bobcats owner got engaged over the Christmas weekend to his Cuban-born model girlfriend. No wedding date has been set.  Jordan, an NBA Hall of Famer who won six titles with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s, is 48. Prieto is 32.
Drake’s New Boo
Rumour has it that Drake and video model Dollicia Bryant are dating. Her reps claim she and her new boo are in L.A. spending the holidays together.
Drizzy and Dollicia first met earlier this year but could not take their relationship to the next step as she was in a relationship with actor Hill Harper. Dollicia has dated Hill Harper Bow Wow, Rob Kardashian and a FEWWW others lol. Drake just shot the new Mary J. Blige video for Mr Wrong so that scenes of him could be added in as he wasn’t available to shoot the original video with Mary.
Mo’Nique vs Dog Poop

Academy Award-winning “Precious” actress Mo’Nique is suing her landlords in Georgia — demanding she be let out of her $22,000-a-month rental contract …because her house smells like dog poop. Mo’Nique filed the papers in Fulton County in response to her landlords’ lawsuit — which claims the actress bailed on her two-year lease agreement, signed in March, and owes $370,000 in unpaid rent and other charges. But Mo says it’s all crap … literally … insisting there’s a damn good reason she’s walking out on the rental contract — the house stinks of dog feces, wet dog, and urine (of unknown origin) … not to mention an overflowing septic tank. But it doesn’t end there — according to Mo’Nique, the house also had a bad mold problem and the security gate was busted. Mo’Nique claims she struck a verbal agreement with the landlords, allowing her to renege on her contract with 60 days notice because of all the problems — but Mo’ claims her landlords aren’t living up to their word.

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